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Pump Remanufacturing Process

Ampco’s remanufacturing process is guaranteed to return PE pumps to new pump performance.  PE pumps incorporate all standard Ampco upgrades except a stainless steel gear case and carry a one year new pump warranty.

Step 1

The pump is completely torn down. All internal components; shafts, bearings, gears, spacers, and seals are removed and replaced with new components. 


Step 2

The body and cover are machined to standard oversized dimensions + .020 / .040 / .060 / .080 


Step 3

The body and cover are polished back to their original 32 RA finish.

Step 4

New oversized rotors are machined to bring tolerances back to matching new pump performance / efficiency.. 


Step 5

The pumps are then assembled tp the same factory specified tolerances of a new pump. Pumps are assembled, less seals/ elastomers, until the customer specifies the preferred option.


Step 6

All pumps are water tested to assure flow requirements are met and confirm seal integrity prior to shipment. Remanufactured pumps carry a one year warranty.. 


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