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       Delivering Innovation


With over 20 years of experience in the Progressing Cavity Pump industry, our purpose is to offer unrivalled levels of service and expertise.

Torqueflow Sydex was established in Southampton, Hampshire, UK in 2006 working closely with its sister company Sydex, who have developed an extensive range of high quality and cost effective progressing cavity pumps (also known as helical rotor pumps, waste water pumps and sometimes as progressive cavity  or simply pc pumps).

The range of progressing cavity positive displacement pumps we manufacture is extensive and include the original Moineau pump design with the stator bonded into a steel tube (flows from 50 L/h up to 240 m3/h, and pressures up to 48 bar). Our waste water pumps and macerator pumps are used throughout the world.

Franklin Miller grinders and macerators

Solids Reduction Grinders, Macerators, Conveyors and Screens

Enhancing and Protecting Plant Operations Through Solids Reduction

The efficient operation of wastewater as well as industrial plants often depends on the effective processing of solids. Tough, stringy plastics, rags, wood, grit and other solids can cause severe operational problems. That’s where FMI grinders, shredders, crushers and screens play a key role in protecting and enhancing plant processes worldwide.

Our grinders and macerators are designed to reduce tough solids to homogeneous, fine particles that can be easily handled by pumps, belt filter presses, digestors and other process equipment. They reduce or eliminate impeller ragging, punctured filter belts and premature drum wear.

Our screens and screening systems efficiently separate, condition and remove solids from liquids. These units play a critical role in wastewater treatment, septage receiving, industrial process and waste, pulp and paper, agricultural facilities and food processing.

With Franklin Miller you select from a wide range of innovative processors built with an 80 year tradition of quality. Whatever your application requirements are, there’s an FMI processor ready to reduce your operational problems.

Ever since designing the first inline sewage grinder, Franklin Miller Inc. has been a leading innovator with a strong engineering orientation. With over 30 years of industry experience, our engineering staff is available to help you with your plant design or application. Each processor is built to the highest standards for quality and reliability and designed for low maintenance.

NOV Mono

Reliability  and Technology in Mixing

Mixers and Agitators for all applications

Since its start in 1952 from an attic office and basement R&D lab in Dayton, Ohio, Chemineer NOV Mono, has grown to become a global organization recognized for innovation in designing and manufacturing standard and customized fluid agitation equipment and systems. Serving customers worldwide, Chemineer has established its presence in major segments of the chemical, water and wastewater treatment, plastics and resins, petrochemical, pulp and paper and pharmaceutical industries

Still headquartered in Dayton, Ohio,  Chemineer NOV Mono maintains manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Massachusetts, England and Canada and sales offices in most major countries throughout the world.

Backed by a proud heritage of technical expertise, Chemineer engineers and field representatives apply a range of mechanical and chemical engineering resources in analyzing customers' fluid processing requirements. Once the data is gathered, it is evaluated using an extensive array of computer software analysis and modeling programs. The end result is an optimized equipment configuration that best addresses the specified application requirements.

Their manufacturing operations  also incorporated the latest production &  quality management systems, process technologies and  a highly trained manufacturing team to produce precision equipment for timely shipments and delivery to their customers.

Chemineer ( UK ) is accredited with ISO 9001:2008. Qualified  to issue CE & PED  mark and ATEX certification.