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Syflex Peristaltic Pumps
Designed to last in the toughest environments

One pump for all fluids:

• Abrasive and high solids content slurries up to 80%

• High Density

• Corrosive

• Shear sensitive

• Viscous

• Multiphase/gaseous

• Crystalizing 


Optimised for tough applications:

• Only one wearing part: the hose

• Easy on-site maintenance and short downtimes     thanks to a unique hose quick release allowing hose     change in only a few minutes

• Seal-less design: no expensive sealing to replace and   no associated seal-water flushing costs

• Low energy requirements thanks to the inherent low   running speed

One pump for all tasks:

• Transfer, dosing, emptying

• Self-priming • High suction lift

• Reversible

• Can run-dry and needs no ancillary protection

• Seal-less

• Only one wearing and wetted part: the hose

Cut down maintenance time and cost:

By nature, peristaltic pumps are easy to maintain thanks to their seal-less construction, and as the only wetted part is the hose. SYDEX substantially improved the technology with an optimized hose life time, a smart quick release system which eases the hose change and the internal bearing to cut drive related maintenance.

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