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Sydex have extensive experience of supplying horizontal and vertical API 676 pumps to the oil & gas industry. We are able to supply in a wide range of materials including Super Duplex stainless steel with full certification and documentation.

ydex has been successfully supplying progressing cavity pumps [pc pumps] into the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry for many years. Our progressing cavity pumps are manufactured and tested to very high specifications. Options include Super Duplex stainless steel [1.4410/SAF2207] wetted parts, API 682 cratridge seals and API plan seal systems, special base-plates, off-shore coating systems.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

The water industry, not only in the UK but also worldwide is big business. It is growing rapidly, adapting to meet new demands and requirements. Careful management of this critical resource within the current environmental climate is encouraging water companies to  spend time and resources on new, sustainable products which will assist in maintenance and efficiency.  Torqueflow Sydex provide a range of products which is one of the most extensive available in the industry. We are constantly working with our partners to develop new technology and reduce whole life costs.

Water treatment & sludge processing

From low flow, high pressure polymer dosing pumps, to sludge pumps and high dry solids transfer from belt presses and centrifuge.


Food, Drink & Hygiene

Polished stainless steel hygienic pumps with optional CIP ports. Pumps are available with FDA certified materials


Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Chemical dosing, metering and dosing pumps are available in a wide range of materials including FDA approved and ATEX certification if required.


Industrial & Marine

We have a comprehensive range of progressive cavity pumps for vicouse, abrasive, low NPSH and difficult applications.

Sydex pumps are installed worldwide on many marine vessels for bilge pumps, sewage treatment and transfer.

Available in a wide range of materials, including cast iron, stainless steel 304 and 316 through to Duplex steel (SAF 2205 ) when required to suit highly corrosive and difficult applications such as high salinity laden liquids.
Cruise Ship, Liner. Sydex progressing cavity pumps are installed on marine vessels Worldwide for bile water, sewage treatment.
Multiple application, high performance industrial pump range. Available in block or long coupled configuration and a wide range of materials.  Suitable for general industry, wastewater, oil & gas, marine and many more applications like dewatering processes.

Mining & Quarry


Progressing cavity pumps for transfer of solids-laden, abrasive liquids at up to 48 bar and flow rates of up to 200 m3/hr.


Recycling & Waste

Solids reduction and waste management

The TASKMASTER® TM3000 is a heavy-duty shredder designed to reduce a high volume of solids with its low speed, high torque design. This unit is built for the highest level of performance and reliability using quality components, superior design and engineering. Its powerful, direct gear drive reduces the shaft speed and delivers high torque to the cutters. The unit can rip, tear and shred through a variety of tough solids - reducing the volume for further processing or economical disposal.

Progressing cavity pumps and macerators are critical to the effective and safe operation of biogas plants.

Environmental & Biogas


Paper & Pulp

Solids reduction and waste management

Even in this technology driven era, the paper and cellulose industry impacts our everyday lives. Paper is manufactured in variety of forms including newspaper, craft paper, toilet paper, writing paper and glossy magazine papers. It is a highly technically challenging and demanding industry. Continual demands for excellent product quality and a reduction in waste and costs are forcing manufactures to evaluate their options in terms of pumping products.  The Torqueflow-Sydex range of products provide full resistance to viscous and abrasive chemicals which are commonly used in the pulp and paper industry.