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Ampco CB+ Pump
CB+ Craft Brew Pump

CB+ CRAFT BREW PUMP (Micro brewery)

Ampco’s new CB+ Craft Brew Pump was developed specifically for the craft brewing industry allowing brew masters to focus on creating their next signature beer rather than deal with leaking pumps. The CB+ features an internal seal design that reduces product buildup and reduces the temperature of the seal faces. When pumping wort at temperatures near boiling flashing is likely to occur, this can cause premature seal failure. The CB+ minimizes these problems in several ways.

-  The internal seal is submersed in product to promote cooling

-  Pressure within the pump creates a higher closing force on seal faces to minimize product buildup

-  Internal spring agitates work solids to avoid pooling on seal faces


The new CB+ Pump is dimensionally and hydraulically interchangeable with the AC, AC+, competing C Series and conversion kits are available for each.


CB+1 Conversion Kit – Converts AC+ to CB+ with a simple seal and backplate replacement.


CB+2 Conversion Kit – Converts AC and competing C Series pumps to CB+ by replacing the seal, backplate, stub shaft, collar, o-ring, and impeller nut.


The CB+ is available in 8 model sizes, contact us today to see how the CB+ can benefit your brewing process.

Rolec DH90 Dry Hopping system


Dry hopping just got easier!

The ROLEC DH hop induction system, available in 3 model sizes DH45 / DH90 / DH250, is a fully portable unit that contains everything necessary for dry hop induction.  The ROLEC DH utilizes Ampco’s SBI Shear Pump to simultaneously induce dry hop pellets directly into the stream of beer and recirculate a fermenter.  The hop chamber holds pellets in an oxygen free pressurized environment using carbon dioxide.  Pellets can be induced into fermenting, finished or crashed beer.  The pellets are reduced to the proper size allowing the hops to settle during the holding period allowing for maximum exposure, aroma, and flavor profiles.

Benefits of the ROLEC DH

-  All components are sanitary and CIP-able ( no additional CIP pump is required )

-  Everything needed for hop induction is contained on the ROLEC DH

-  Fully portable

-  Improved flavor and aroma

-  VFD included

-  Base material 304 stainless steel wetted part 316L stainless steel 

Visit Ampco Pumps on YouTube for additional videos

Wine & Must Cart

Options are available for each model. 


Ampco’s Wine and Must Cart comes equipped with the ZP1 Series positive displacement pump. Wine carts are available in 4 standard model sizes.

Ampco’s ZP1 includes the 304 stainless steel gearcase, as with all Ampco positive displacement pumps. Other standard features include 316 stainless steel wetted parts, Alloy 88 non-galling rotors , single o-ring seals, bearing protection package, and high efficiency TEFC motors with 20:1 turndown ratio.

All carts come with 304 stainless steel construction, 10″ foam filled tires and NEMA 4X VFD.



The Cellar Cart is a light weight robust 2 wheeled cart designed to provide users with maximum mobility.


The corrosion free stainless steel frame, solid polypropylene wheels and NEMA 4X VFD are just a few of the benefits of Ampco’s cellar cart.


Available in 2 models:CB56 / AC+114 with NEMA 4X VFDCB180 / AC+216 with NEMA 4X VFD


Options are available for each model. 



Cellar Cart for Beer & CIP
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