The Water Industry

The water industry, not only in the UK but also worldwide is big business. It is growing rapidly, adapting to meet new demands and requirements. Careful management of this critical resource within the current environmental climate is encouraging water companies to  spend time and resources on new, sustainable products which will assist in maintenance and efficiency.  Torqueflow Sydex provide a range of products which is one of the most extensive available in the industry. We are constantly working with our partners to develop new technology and reduce whole life costs. For a case study of one of our twin shaft grinders in action click here


Our Products for the Water Industry

Macerator Pumps for domestic, small commercial and marine waste water pumping stations

Torqueflow Eliminator Macerator Pump

 Torqueflow-EliminatorTM Macerator Pump- For your smaller sewage and waste water applications. Where a constant displacement is required through small bore pipe, and when whole life cost, and low maintenance are a priority.

Polymer and chemical dosing pumps


 Torqueflow-Sydex M Range Progressing Cavity Pump series are metering pumps designed specifically for polymer dosing, and other chemicals. The pump can be supplied with an integral speed control to infinitely adjust the flow, independently of pressure 

 Sludge transfer pumps and larger flow raw sewage pumps


 The K Range Progressing Cavity Pump offers legendary reliability, and is the core range of Torqueflow-Sydex used for most waste water treatment plant applications, including primary sludge, secondary, activated sludge, centrifuge feed, sludge transfer, raw sewage and many more.

Available in a wide range of materials, including cast iron, stainless steel 304 and 316 through to Duplex steel (SAF 2205 ) when required to suit highly corrosive and difficult applications such as high salinity laden liquids.  K Range        Progressing Cavity Pumps can be supplied with a variety of monitoring and safety devices including PT100 temperature probes, and non-intrusive pressure sensing rings

 De-water sludge and sludge cake transfer pumps


Torqueflow G Range Progressing Cavity Pump is  designed to handle high dry solids de-watered liquids such as sludge cake from centrifuges and  belt presses.                                 

Torqueflow-Sydex have launched a “Hybrid” design of its G range pumps introducing the advantages of a separate bearing housing, traditionally a feature of long coupled models, to the more compact and lower cost block type construction. Isolation of the gearbox from high axial loading and offering better operating conditions for the mechanical seal has always been Sydex’s preferred option but typically extended both the overall length and cost. By incorporating this additional bearing support between the pump drive shaft and gearbox the overall length is kept to a minimum, as is the additional cost but performance and service life is more comparable to that of the long coupled models   

Shaftless Screw Conveyors for dewater sludge transfer


Torqueflow-Sydex Shaftless Screw Conveyors have been supplied to waste water treatment plants around the World. They have been  beenbedeveloped and designed for efficient transportation of materials with minimal maintenance, and maximum reliability. The Shaftless screw conveyor rotates inside a trough with a maximum inclination of 30°. The trough has bolted covers for simplified maintenance.

Chemineer Top Entry Agitators for sludge mixing and Anoxic Zones                                        


                                   The Chemineer RL - 3 Ragless Impeller

  Chemineer produce a full range of top-entry, and static mixers for the water industry. Torqueflow Sydex are an approved representative of Chemineer products

SAVE ENERGY (reductions up to 85% !!!)  
The cost of energy is increasing, and there is ever more pressure to save energy in all areas of operations.  Recent work into Anoxic zone mixing has demonstrated that top entry mixers with their highly efficient slow speed impellers provide not only a better flow pattern, and increased flow velocities in the base of the tank, but can do this with substantially less power.  In a direct comparison the Chemineer design SC3 impeller uses 1.44 w/m3 whilst a submersible mixer required 10.2 w/m3 to achieve the required velocity profile in the tank base.  Due to the size and
quantity of mixers this results in thousands of pounds operational cost saving


 Chemineer Static Mixers clean water

Chemineer Static Mixers

 Chemineer launched their new WVM (Water Vortex Mixer) range of mixers early in 2003 after extensive research and testing. Based on the successful Kenics HEV mixer the new WVM has a low head loss and open, non blocking structure, with improved additive injection designs
and lower construction costs. The three different WVM designs now available allow the main project design parameters of length and pressure drop to achieve a certain CoV (2) within a certain time, to be optimised. The three models type A,B, & C give a more flexible range of options more suited to differing flow and head loss conditions as well as plant restrictions of mixer length. The three WVM models were tested and their performance validated by the BHR Group

 Franklin Miller wastewater sewage grinders which are designed to reduce tough solids to homogeneous, fine particles that can be easily handled by pumps, belt filter presses, digestors and other process equipment. They reduce or eliminate impeller ragging, punctured filter belts and premature drum wear. Torqueflow Sydex are an approved distributor of Franklin Miller products in the UK.



The Super Shredder® in-line disintegrator reduces tough wastewater solids to fine bits with a unique, high flow, spherical rotor design.

Taskmaster Inline Grinders employ a powerful twin shaft mechanism to reduce solids in sludge, slurry and sewage pipelines





An Example of A Very Useful Application

Taskmaster® Titan to the Rescue in Picturesque, Cobleskill, New York

 The wastewater treatment plant in picturesque Cobleskill, New York, was unable to process the wastewater generated by the town's 4,678 year- round residents. The buildup of plastics, rags, rubbish wrappings and other debris was regularly clogging the system, necessitating frequent cleanings.

Cobleskill, New York, settled in 1752, draws tens of thousands of visitors to the Schoharie County Sunshine Fair, held yearly since 1876. Visitors also enjoy fishing and boating on the nearby creeks and reservoirs. But with the influx of all these visitors, more waste is generated.
The town’s wastewater plant, an activated sludge system with extended aeration, was originally designed to treat an average flow of 1.85mgd. Septage and incoming wastewater flow through a bar screen and the oversized solids are sent to two channel grinders where they are reduced to a fine particulate. The solids are allowed to settle in the secondary clarifier, pass to an aerated digester, and are dewatered and sent to a land fill. Treated effluent is discharged into Cobleskill creek. But the plant was overwhelmed and couldn’t handle the buildup that was constantly clogging the system and halting operation.

"After reviewing our options, we decided to replace one of the grinders with a more powerful one " said Plant Operator, Don Borthwick. “Siewert Equipment, our local distributor, recommended the Franklin Miller Taskmaster® Titan (TM 14000). They liked the design because the unit has a full cut grinder. Our original units did not have this feature and a lot of material got by them. We purchased the Titan which was easily installed at the head of the plant at the sewer main,” he continued. "As we had hoped, the grinder prevented material from passing downstream to the pumps.

Since the installation a few months ago, the pumps have been clog- free and the frequent maintenance problems have stopped. The Titan runs very well and as an added bonus runs quietly,” he concluded.

The Taskmaster Titan (TM 14000) is a major innovation in twin shaft channel grinding technology. This unit’s design employs two counter-rotating shafts, but unlike previous twin shaft grinders, one cutter stack intermeshes with a second one, which has a much larger diameter. The result is superior performance in both grinding and liquid handling.

The TASKMASTER Titan combines powerful channel grinding capability with high flow capacity and low headloss and without the need for rotating diverter screens which have been known to be noisy, inefficient and maintenance prone. With its massive array of cutting edges, cutter life and unit strength are enhanced. The unit’s unique design provides superior feeding of large, bulky or round objects and a finely ground output for excellent protection of pumps, filter presses and other downstream equipment. The Titan employs a 3hp or 5hp motor and cycloidal gear drive, cutter cartridge technology and a 14”x 12” up to 14”x 60” inlet cutting chamber size for handling flow rates up to 8 mgd.


Further Information

Chemineer top entry mixers save energy in Anoxic Zones.

The cost of energy is increasing and there is ever more pressure to save energy in all areas of operations. Recent work into Anoxic zone mixing has demonstrated that top entry mixers with their highly efficient slow speed impellers provide not only better flow pattern and increased flow velocities in the base of the tank, but can do this with substantially less power. More information...

Recent Chemineer orders in Water and Waste Water Treatment

Chemineer have recently had orders for the following: - Agitators-Veolia Actiflo-Sewage Treatment. Static Mixers-Desalination Drinking Water for London, Agitators-Anaerobic & Anoxic Zones-Sewage Treatment. More information...

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