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Taskmaster ® TM8500 – A Voracious Twin Shaft Grinder

Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM8500The TASKMASTER TM8500 series provides power ful size reduction capabilities, easy maintenance and exceptional durability. The TASKMASTER reduces wood, rags, paper, sewage, sludge, tampons, cardboard, plastic, fabrics, and waste items into fine par ticles facilitating further processing or disposal. The TASKMASTER TM8500, with its power ful capabilities and cutter cartridge technology, provides a significant improvement over competing units.

Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM8500 installationThe TASKMASTER protects downstream process equipment and keeps systems running smoothly. These versatile units are used for sewage treatment, sludge, pumping stations, sanitary or disposal facilities, institutional waste, and bulk solids reduction applications. The TASKMASTER, installed in-line, significantly reduces pump downtime, ragging and premature filter press media failure.

Taskmaster grinders offer rugged durability and incredible performance. This broad line of twin shaft grinders and shredders draw on our experience with powerful solid waste shredders to provide the most heavy-duty, capable designs available. The closer you look the more you’ll why innovative Taskmaster twin shaft grinders provide the utmost in grinder performance and reliability. From cutter cartridge technology to Titan and Rover design innovations, Taskmaster designs provide the utmost in performance and reliability.

Taskmaster ® Rover – Channel Grinder with Uniform Output

Franklin Miller Taskmaster RoverThe TASKMASTER ROVER reduces tough, entrained wastewater solids with its powerful twin-shaft grinder and advanced screen-sweeping technology. This unit provides efficient reduction of sewage solids, dependable operation, low headloss, and has an extremely high-flow capability.

The TASKMASTER ROVER’s twin-shaft grinder slowly travels in close proximity to the inside of a curved stainless steel screen. Solids captured on the screen are swept by the grinder and aggressively reduced by two banks of counter-rotating intermeshing cutters. The discharged solids either pass through the screen or are automatically cycled back through the grinder for further reduction. This design provides unique control of the output for a fully processed, homogenous liquid flow. There are no corners, crevices, sudden changes or blockages to interfere with the flow. With its large open area, the ROVER is practically invisible to the liquid flow. The ROVER handles flow rates up to an incredible 54 mgd (7450 m3/hr).

Franklin Miller Taskmaster cutter cartridgeTaskmaster Cutter Cartridges replace individual cutters and spacer disks with one piece monolithic cutters – reducing hazardous and burdensome maintenance and time-intensive stack re-tightening.



Franklin Miller Taskmaster Rover screenTaskmaster Rover – traveling screen cleaning and grinding technology – provides dependable headworks protection for massive flow rates while eliminating intensive maintenance and downtime.