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Taskmaster ® Titan – Unique High-Flow Channel Grinder

Franklin Miller Taskmaster TitanThe TASKMASTER TITAN twin shaft grinder features a design breakthrough that is as simple as it is innovative. This unit provides powerful solids reduction performance, a high flow capability, low headloss and a great improvement in effectiveness — all with a unique simplicity that enhances durability.

Franklin Miller Taskmaster Titan installedThe TITAN employs two counter-rotating shafts but, unlike previous twin shaft grinders, one cutter stack intermeshes with a second one which has a much larger diameter. The results are dramatic. The unit has a liquid handling capability that is triple that of typical high flow twin shaft grinders. Solids are more effectively fed into the cutters. With the TITAN’s increased cutting surfaces, cutter life and unit strength are enhanced.

The TASKMASTER TITAN provides unsurpassed reduction of such solids as sneakers, wood, rags, paper, mops and bottles while allowing the liquid flow to pass through freely with minimal headloss. This unit can also be configured as a powerful and highly efficient horizontal solid waste shredder.

Taskmaster ® TM1600 – Heavy-Solids Shredders

Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM1600The TASKMASTER Model TM1600 is a powerful workhorse that can shred heavy solids in both gravity and liquid systems. The TASKMASTER TM1600 can be installed either horizontally with a stand, hopper or flange adapter, or vertically for channel or pipeline applications. These units have been field tested and proven unmatched for reliability and performance.

Typical applications include gravity and conveyor fed sewage screenings, in-channel raw sewage, correctional institution effluent, documents, product rejects and returns, garments, filters, packaging materials, plastics, turning, electronic components and waste materials. A variety of cutter configurations is available to meet varied application requirements.

The TM1600’s heavy-duty construction features include: 2-3/4" hardened hex shafting, mechanical seal shaft protection, cleaning combs, up to 20 HP electric, hydraulic or submersible motors and direct inline or optional space saving right-angle gear drive. Available input sizes range from 16" x 20" (400mm x 500mm) up to 16" x 56" (400mm x 1371mm).

franklin mIller control panelFranklin Miller provides the latest technology in control systems either for individual grinders or system integration to meet the most stringent application requirements.




Franklin Miller Taskmaster TM1620These heavy-duty 10 HP Taskmaster TM1620 twin shaft shredders reduce heavy rag mops, screenings and debris received from a mechanical bar screen in 24 hours per day service.