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Super Shredder ® – High Flow Inline Disintegrator

Franklin Miller Super ShredderThe Super Shredder inline disintegrator reduces a variety of tough sewage solids to fine bits while remaining practically invisible to the flow. This unit employs a dependable low speed, high torque mechanism that provides effective operation and long life in sewage and sludge pipeline applications.

The Super Shredder was specifically designed for high capacity, durability and ease of maintenance. Because of its unique open spherical cutter design it can handle higher flows than any other inline grinder made. Its cutting elements are constructed of hard-faced stainless steel with a surface hardness in excess of Rc60.

Franklin Miller Super Shredder cutter elementWith only two cutting elements, the Super Shredder is unsurpassed for ease of maintenance. Models are available for pipe sizes from 4" (100 mm) through 24" (600 mm) handling up to 5,500 gpm (350l/s).

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Dimminutor ® – Turbo Design Channel Disintegrator

Franklin Miller DimminutorThe Turbo-Dimminutor offers effective reduction of wastewater solids in straight thru channels and wetwells. This powerful unit reduces plastics, wood, rags, disposables and other solids to fine bits easily processed by downstream equipment. The Dimminutor‚s heavy precision construction, dependable operation and simplified maintenance have earned it a solid reputation amongst operators and engineers worldwide.

Continuous Torque Rotation

The DIMMINUTOR employs a smooth, continuously rotating design with high torque always available on demand. As its three bi-directional rotary cutters intermesh at close clearance with stationary cutters, solids are finely reduced to a size small enough to pass through a sizing screen. The DIMMINUTOR is designed for unobstructed flow even during reversing cycles. The DIMMINUTOR’s unique design employs no seals or bearings below the cutters near gritty channel floor.

Franklin Miller Super Shredder installedAn army of Super Shredder inline disintegrators reduces activated sludge to a fine, homogenous state, protecting and enhancing the plant’s positive displacement pumps.



Franklin Miller Dimminutor installedDimminutor Model 36XF, handling up to 30 mgd of raw sewage, reduces incoming solids at this plant headworks to a size readily handled by downstream equipment.