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SpiraliftTM SL – Grind, Screen, Wash, Transport and De-water

Franklin Miller Spiralift SLThe SPIRALIFT SL provides screening, washing, conveying and compacting of wastewater solids all in one easy to install integrated system. The SL is supplied complete with an effective shaftless screw screen, power ful TASKMASTER grinder and control system. This system has unique benefits owing to the combination of both grinding and screening technology. The SPIRALIFT SL produces a cleaned, compacted finely reduced discharge that is ideal for landfill disposal while leaving essential organics in the flow.

First, a powerful TASKMASTER grinder reduces the solids to small particles, loosens biological material and increases surface area. As the solids are discharged from the grinder, the reduced particles are subject to the turbulent cleansing action of the channel flow. The particles are then captured on the SPIRALIFT’s fine screen basket. The spiral unit is energized on a timed cycle or when the upstream flow reaches a predetermined level.

The brushes of the unit’s shaftless screw sweep the solids off the screen. They are then spray washed and transported up the shaftless spiral.

Finally, the solids reach a dewatering zone and are discharged. The cleaned and homogeneous output is deposited in a bin, bag, or auxiliary conveyor.

Franklin Miller offers the latest technology in screening and separating systems. Whether removing water-borne solids from a wastewater channel, streamlining septage receiving or separating grit and grease, one of our dependable processors can handle the application.

Spiralift SL In-Channel Fine Screen

Spiralift TM SR – Septage Receiving Stations

Franklin Miller Spiralift SL receiving stationSPIRALIFT Septage Receiving Stations employ proven shaftless screw technology to effectively screen and separate raw septage or wastewater and facilitate the clean and efficient off-loading of septage trucks. These pre-engineered, fully enclosed systems feature dependable operation, low operating costs and easy installation with little or no civil work. Three models provide between one and four stages of processing to meet a wide variety of application requirements.

Septage trucks connect to the system’s inlet via a convenient quick-connect coupling. After the operator sets the control system to the ON position, an intake valve opens automatically, the spray wash valve opens and the TASKMASTER grinder (if supplied) is energized.

Franklin Miller Spiralift SLAs the septage flows by gravity into the system, the solids are captured on a perforated screen where they are washed. Once the flow rises to a preset level, the screw screen is energized automatically. The solids are then conveyed and dewatered by the unit and discharged into a container.

Franklin Miller Spiralift SL installedThe SPIRALIFT SL provides fine screening in plant headworks often without requiring significant channel modifications.



Franklin Miller Spiralift SRA SPIRLIFT SR’s internal shaftless auger screw gently separates product from liquids in industrial, agricultural as well as municipal applications.