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Spiralift TM SG – Versatile Automatic Grit Separators

Franklin Miller Spiralift TM SGThe SPIRALIFT Model SG uses shaftless screw technology to provide effective separation of slurries and wet mixtures. These units are invaluable for grit removal as well as sand, bark and metal separation.

Liquids are batch fed into the unit’s classifier tank through an inlet flange. As solids settle out to the bottom of the tank, the heavy-duty inclined shaftless screw is activated. The screw slowly rotates conveying the settled solids up through transport trough. An optional water spray then washes organics from the grit. The grit continues up the trough and is discharged from the grit outlet near the top of the trough. Treated liquids are discharged from the classifier tank via the unit’s flanged outlet. The unit housing and tank is provided in either stainless or carbon steel construction. A bottom drain valve is provided to empty the unit. A choice of three unit sizes is available to meet varied capacity requirements.

An optional wall mounted control system provides for manual or automatic operation. The control includes timers for run cycle and wash system solenoid control as well as automatic jam sensing.

Auto-RakeTM – Self-Cleaning Bar Screen Channel Cleaner

Franklin MillerBuilt for low maintenance, even in hostile environments, the AUTO-RAKE employs the latest front-cleaned bar screen technology to remove solids from liquid channels.

By coordinating the motion of a sliding rake cylinder and a pivoted boom, the AUTO-RAKE creates a smooth and versatile raking motion. Unlike other bar screen designs, the Auto-Rake uses no racks, chains, or tracks that can corrode, wear or become misaligned. Instead, the entire drive mechanism is enclosed in a sealed boom housing.

The AUTO-RAKE’s unique sealed drive makes it a top choice where severe weather or operating conditions are anticipated. It can even be configured for fully submerged operation.

The AUTO-RAKE can handle flow rates up to 50 mgd. It is easily installed into new or existing channels up to 50” in width. Units are supplied with single or space saving double acting telescopic rake cylinders.

The AUTO-RAKE can be supplied with auxiliary lift conveyors, dewatering equipment, washer and Taskmaster screenings grinder to meet almost any requirement. Units are available with electric or hydraulic drives.

Franklin Miller SpiraliftA SPIRALIFT system demilitarizes solid rocket fuel by providing shredding in a submerged bath, then separating and removing it.



Franklin MillerAll moving components of the unique Auto-Rake automatic bar screen are sealed for low maintenance and long, dependable service.