M Range Progressing Cavity Pump

The M Range Progressing Cavity Pump series is designed specifically for dosing any kind of liquid. Dosing pumps are feature reversible flow, excellent self-priming rate, and low-shear pulsation-free pumping.

Accuracy which is often extremely important in this application can be maintained at a maximum variation of ± 1%.

This range is constructed in aisi 316 stainless steel with optional stator materials including Viton, EPDM and Nitrile [Perbunan].

Capacity: up to 50 l/h [0.22 usgpm]
Pressure: up to 18 bar [261 psig] 

Torqueflow-Sydex M range pc pump


G Range Progressing Cavity Pump

The G Range Progressing Cavity Pump is designed to handle high dry solids de-watered liquids such as sludge cake from centrifuges and belt presses. 

Capacity: from 40 m 3/h - up to 176 gpm
Pressure: up to 48 bar - 696 psi 

Torqueflow-Sydex W range pc pump with auger feed


W Range Progressing Cavity Pump

The W Range Progressing Cavity Pump range has been specifically developed to handle difficult to pump, non-Newtonian liquids and liquids with viscosities greater than 10,000 Cps. 

The auger, which is mounted inside the hopper, conveys the liquid into the pumping element [stator and rotor] enabling a trouble-free efficient pumping solution that no other pump can provide.

Materials of construction: stainless steel 304 and 316 as well as carbon steel.

Capacity: from 500 l/h a 80 m 3/h [2.20 usgpm up to 352 usgpm]
Pressure: up to 48 bar 696 psig] 

Torqueflow-Sydex W range pc pump with hopper feed


WL Range Progressing Cavity Pump

The WL Range Progressing Cavity Pump range is the first class choice for pumping food and beverage liquids such as grapes, juice, parts o vegetables, olive oil and paste of olive, tomato, jam-marmalade. 


  • Construction in 1.4301 (Aisi 304) stainless steel.
  • Control panel with sophisticated options to provide start-stop and pump protection.
  • Strong and robust construction.
  • Open joint to permit easy cleaning.

Capacity: from 10 m 3/h up to 50 m 3/h [44 usgpm to 220 usgpm]. 

Torqueflow-Sydex WL range pc pump with hopper feed, trolley mounted


Torqueflow Eliminator Macerator Pump

Torqueflow-Sydex macerator pc pump

Progressing Cavity pump and Integral Macerator Unit

TORQUEFLOW ELIMINATOR – Progressing cavity pump with Integral Macerator Unit


Self-priming progressing cavity screw pump capable of suction lift applications. The Bi-Hammer Macerator reduces particle size before entering the pumping element. Macerated waste is transferred to the final destination.

Benefits and Features:

  • Integral Macerator unit – hardened tool steel cutter macerates and shreds the solids into small particles.
  • Elevated pressure capacity (6 bar)
  • Simple design - quick and easy maintenance;
  • Double bearings giving significantly better reliability than other units
  • The pump is easy to handle and clean.
  • Low speed running - long service life.
  • Seal system: Mechanical seal - No liquids leaking.
  • Aisi 316 construction (Rotating parts).
  • Capacity: Up to 3.5 M3/H – 925 GPH
  • Pressure: Up to 6 bar

The Torqueflow Eliminator applications:

  • Single and multiple residential complexes.
  • Schools and public institutions
  • Ships and shipyards
  • Hotels, camping areas and caravan parks
  • Sporting and country clubs centres
  • Industrial buildings
  • Nursing homes
  • Farms
  • Shopping centres  

 Download Torqueflow-Eliminator Brochure