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May/June 2015

The event of the year…                                                             

Held every 3 years, ACHEMA provides the largest forum for businesses in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection & Biotechnology.
The 2015 exhibition and Conference opportunity, will take place in Frankfurt from the 15th to 19th June. This, the 31st show, is expected to attract around 170,000 visitors, has nearly 4,000 exhibitors from more than 55 countries and covers an area in excess of  130,000m2.  In addition to showcasing the leading industry suppliers, contractors and manufacturers there is a programme of over 800 lectures, presentations &  seminars being held in parallel at the technical Congress.It is said that Hall 9, will feature the world’s largest display of pumps and Sydex will be certainly be amongst them on Stand A20

Our sizeable 35m2 stand will  debut the new submersible pump range & feature at least 5  pumps, including examples from  the metering, hygiene & free moulded compact series.

We will be present on the stand for much of the week and if you are planning to attend we would be delighted to see you.

 For full details of the Exhibition and Congress visit

May 2015

New Syclone comes storming into areas of high pressure ............…                                                             

Syclone  even wall stator technology

Traditional progressing cavity  pump 1:2 geometry limits the pressure generated to around 6 bar per stage,  whilst  manufacturing constraints and associated costs  lead to multi stage pumps normally being offered  in multiples of 2stages, typically  2S, 4S, 6S or 8S to achieve  higher discharge pressures where needed.

Often the pressure range required is only just greater than that which a 2 stage pump can achieve but the application requirement forces the selection of a 4 stage unit to accomplish the necessary discharge head.

The jump from 2 stages to 4 stages has both a significant increase in cost and also in the overall length of the pump as a consequence.

By using a true profile ( even wall ) stator design, designated the Syclone, it is possible to increase the pressure gain by 30% - 100%, depending on stator size & media, generating an additional 4 to 12bar from a 2 stage pump. This is possible because the even wall thickness  of the Syclone stator results in a more  uniform expansion &  increased accuracy  of geometry which in turn provides a more effective seal line and hence less slip.

There are also other benefits offered by a consistent wall thickness, including:

• Reduced starting and running torque
• Lower power requirements
• Less pump noise
• A more stable fl­ow characteristic with better volumetric efficiency
• Lower replacement costs when using expensive elastomers

At a cost significantly less than migrating to a 4 stage pump, the other overwhelming advantage is that the pump dimensions are virtually unchanged from those of a conventional 2 stage pump.

This stator geometry is currently available on an increasing number of Sydex 2-stage pumps in a variety of elastomers to suit a myriad of applications. If your requirement is one that can benefit from this technology then be assured that Torqueflow Sydex will certainly be offering it to you.

January 2015

Don't let the b'stards grind you down; leave it to us…                                                             

Despite the rather gloomy economic forecast for 2015 we are far from despondent here at Torqueflow-Sydex. It’s a brand new year and we are kicking it off with an entirely new product range……The “Defender”, inline macerators.

Waste water, sewerage, biotech, chemical & pharmaceutical often involve handling fluids with significant solids content. These may vary immensely in size, materials and volume and transfer by conventional pumping may well be problematic if even possible. The use of macerators or grinders to reduce solids to a more manageable size is nothing new but to do so in an efficient cost effective package has been a challenge. 

The new Sydex Defender is a compact single shaft inline macerator capable of reducing solids to a manageable 8 - 10mm size prior to pumping. Not only does this facilitate the means of transfer but often enables the use of smaller pumps to accomplish the task, thereby minimising both initial outlay and ongoing running cost.

When used in conjunction with the solids handling capability of the Sydex Progressing cavity pumps this creates a formidable combination of process capability and exceptional service life.

 The knowledge & experience gained in the design, manufacture and support of its PC pumps has enabled Sydex to design a practical, effective and above all, reliable unit to fulfil this much needed role.

Catering for flow rates up to 200m3/h the 3 model range is suitable for inclusion in most 4, 6 or 8” pipelines as well as other bespoke applications.

If your problems need cutting down to size maybe we can help!

December 2014

goodbye 2014, hello 2015 .......

All directors & Staff of Torqueflow-Sydex offer their customers, suppliers and associate the Compliments of the Season and our very Best Wishes for the coming New Year.

As planned, 2014 saw us  featured on a much wider global stage, exhibiting at three major International exhibitions in Munich ( IFAT ), Birmingham ( AD & Biogas )  and New Orleans ( WEFTEC) from which we have established a real presence in many of the emerging markets and technologies.

Our ability to offer bespoke solutions and integrated packages has proven an attractive combination to many new and prospective customers, whilst our rapid response and technical support are sited as amongst the best in our industry, according to our existing client base.

We are genuinely enthusiastic about 2015; partly because of the reaction and activity generated from the exhibitions we attended but also by the opportunities it offers for further growth  and development. A happy & exciting new year indeed!

Look forward to a new Website, new products ( Syclone & Defender ranges ) and much, much more during 2015.

 A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all here at Torqueflow- Sydex.


November 2014

Move over Mardi Gras…                                                             

WEFTEC 2014 New OrleansOver 20,000 visitors attended the world’s largest water industry exhibition and conference held in New Orleans at the end of September. WEFTEC 2014 was the 87th annual technical exhibition  and conference hosted by the Water Environment Federation ( WEF ).  Occupying more than 300,000 square feet  at the Morial Convention Centre WEFTEC  2014   boasted over 1000 exhibitors from nearly a 100  countries.
Sydex USA featured amongst these for the first time, supported by both Torqueflow Sydex and Sydex srl.  with a small booth in the busy Hall E. This proved an excellent venue where we were approached by many dealers and distributors, happy to talk and discuss joint opportunities across  the USA.

New Orleans 

We certainly came away in the mood for a Party…………….

July 2014

Dead pigs & broken bottles

Sydex pumps in Biogas Installation

Having just attended the UK AD & Biogas Expo at the NEC, Birmingham we have come away with a somewhat different perspective and more informed view. Unlike most industry sectors where there are clearly indentified “players” the world of sustainable energy, waste & spoilt foodstuffs, renewable & recycled materials is extremely wide ranging. It encompasses both large corporate and small scale energy producers, environmental & economic groups, commercial, municipal & even individual recycling centres. Biogas, one of the three by-product of anaerobic digestion is currently experiencing its highest ever level of take up, as reflected by the attendees at this year’s annual exhibition, and continues to grow in stature among the renewable energy sector.

In this seemingly,  diverse and strangely insular group, an issue the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association ( ADBA) is trying to address with the presentations & seminars that are a key feature of this event,  there would seem  little common ground or indeed an identifiable  market to which  an equipment supplier might  present their  products and services in the traditional ways.

However, the fact that it is so unstructured is also a strength and benefit, affording as it does greater opportunity, free of rigid framework agreements, lengthy project timescales and demanding resource allocation and enables smaller enterprises to successfully compete, stimulating competition and innovation. We believe, with our range of Progressing cavity pumps, grinders, macerators & agitators we are well placed to support many, if not all, the process requirements of this disparate market and that we can be successful in doing so.

Although not specific to the AD application, we particularly, noted interest in our range of the Franklin Miller, grinders, shredders & macerators which readily provide uniform reduction prior to or during processing. Anything from animal carcasses to old glass bottles, biomass to clothing, keyboards to trainers. The ability to tolerate mixed waste prior to segregation or transfer,  places the  very durable and versatile Franklin Miller range above and beyond the scope of many other manufacturers and when coupled with long service life and easy maintenance is ideal for both large and small enterprises, especially if they are located in  the more remote or outlying areas.

 A very interesting show, well supported and certainly a worthwhile couple of days.  

June 2014

Sometimes less is more

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It is all too  easy when there is so much going on , to try too hard and say too much.

Often this proves counter productive as  the important or relevant details  can  be lost in the shear volume of  information  being issued.

We have so much to say on so many topics, relating to so many of the products and service  we offer  that we either baulk at the task or dilute the message by trying  to fit everything  into one generic publication.

Well not anymore; from July onward we will be issuing product centred newsletters, based on the key sectors of Pumping & transfer, Mixing, Grinding & macerating, CIP cleaning and others as they come on stream.

Now you can subscribe to those that have real  relevance for you, confident in the knowledge  that you are up to date, well informed and current in both the available technology and industry direction.

Do it today , you have nothing to loose as you can subscribe to as many or as few categories as you wish & unsubscribe at any time without any hassle.  


April  2014

April showers

In need of a hot showerThere  are times when a hot shower is the only answer …………….

A high percentage if not most of us take mains water and waste water for granted as we have direct connection to a local supply and drains system. However for those who do not have these facilities life is not quite so straight forward and those that reside in more remote locations, have to be mobile or perhaps are all at sea often need a different option.

The Torqueflow Eliminator is a compact, efficient macerator pump combination providing  sufficient capacity to service multiple occupancy building, social & sports facilities, parks & farms in area’s where Septic tank, Cess pits and other forms of non-mains sewerage collection is a necessity.

Suitable for ships, Portacabin complex’s  or temporary accommodation projects the Eliminator fulfils a significant need; elegant in its simplicity. Reliability and ease of installation make the Eliminator an obvious choice for designers, contractors and installers across the vast  range of applications.

And if you need a water supply then we can talk about our range of Pannelli borehole pumps  as well ( pun intended ).

Give us a call on 02380 007999 or use the online enquiry form


March  2014

Biomass to Biogas

IF it wasn’t enough for us to be exhibiting at IFAT ENTSORGA 2014 in Munich this May we have just signed up for the 2 day, Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas show at the beginning of July. To be staged at the NEC, Birmingham “UK AD & Biogas 2014” will be open from  9:30 am, Wednesday 2ndJuly  until 5:30 pm on Thursday 3rdJuly. We believe it will provide a rare opportunity to see and discuss the latest developments in this rapidly growing sector of the sustainable energy market. Unlike the renewable’s, Solar, Wind & Tidal, anaerobic digestion is more predictable, cost effective and environmentally friendly and so has a significantly greater potential and appeal. The process is basically simple and reliable without the need for a heavy management overhead or a disproportionate level of up-front capital investment. For agriculture & Industry there are significant and existing benefits but with rising energy costs and questions of supply security, AD could rapidly fill a much needed self sufficiency market across many other sectors.

Torqueflow –Sydex has been working with suppliers and contractors in this sector for some time, we are possibly unique in so much that we have the relevant  experience  and single source capability to provide key process equipment, be it grinders, progressing  cavity pumps, mixers or conveyers. So whether its dry- stackable, wet-heavy or wet-light biomass that you build your large or small, plants around be assured we know what is needed and really can help.

Come along to our stand, G087 Hall 3, and ask those important questions; you won’t be disappointed with our answers!

For full details of the Exhibition please visit or contact us for further information.

February  2014

The world's leading Environmental trade fair

IFAT 2014IFAT ENTSORGA 2014 will take place in Munich during the week commencing Monday May 5th, 2014. IFAT 2014 will be the world’s largest trade fair for environmental solutions this year. More than 2700 exhibitors will have stands in the 16 halls and it is expected that the number of visitors will surpass the 125,000 individuals that attended in 2012. As  pressure  grows across the EU  to reverse years of environmental damage and to find  or utilise more  integrated pollution control techniques  IFAT represents  a unique opportunity, providing a single access point too  much of the European environmental  community.

Located in Hall A6, on Stand 530 Sydex will have several brand new products and technical developments being shown and demonstrated on the 40m2stand.  From  its renown K range,  the benchmarks  for industrial pc pumps, a selection of innovative variants;   the newly launched  BM 9R3,  next generation  M range metering models and the first public outing for the new Sydex compact grinder. In addition there will be models from the FM range, a hopper fed BG 045 and an exclusive viewing of the first 12 stage metering pump.  Themed as evolutionary development, new and innovative technology has been incorporated across the range of products to maintain Sydex’s premier position at the forefront of the progressing cavity industry.

We will be present on the stand for much of the week and if you are planning to attend we would be delighted to see you.  For full details of the Exhibition please visit or contact us for further information.

IFAT 2014 Logo & dates


December  2013

Yuletide Update

All directors & Staff of Torqueflow-Sydex offer their customers, suppliers and associates the Compliments of the Season and our very Best Wishes for the coming New Year.

On top of our core pump business the strategic partnerships with Suncombe & Chemineer ( now NOV ) achieved orders with a value in excess of £1.3M.  When coupled with strong Franklin Miller sales and increased market penetration of our “Eliminator” macerating pump,  2013 proved to be another successful year.

We should also congratulate Sydex-USA where Tim Woodward & his new team have just celebrated their 1stanniversary &  Sydex srl, who this year saw shipments reach record levels as they continue to grow in line with their increased global presence.

Prospects for 2014  are actually  very good and we go into it with a significant list of new  products & markets; not least the addition of the excellent Pannelli  range of bore hole pumps for whom we became the sole UK distributors in October and two new team members to strengthen our sales and support.  There will be much to reveal in the new year, so keep an eye on our website “news” page and the frequent blogs.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all here at Torqueflow- Sydex.

November  2013

Latest News UpdateLM013-12S - 12 stage metering pump

Sydex has just supplied the first 12 stage progressing cavity pump to be commercially produced.
A LM013-12S metering pump has just undergone final testing and acceptance prior to shipment and will shortly be delivered & installed at the customer’s Italian works.

November  2013

From Caterpillar to Butterfly:  the product of multiple stages

A sector of fluid handling, often misunderstood and even more often mispronounced is that of progressing cavity pumps and specifically that of multi stage pressure development. The basic design constraint of an eccentric screw pump limits the pressure gain available to approximately       6 bar per stage. Where applications demand a higher discharge output then multiple stages are employed to achieve this, commonly 2 stage ( 12 bar ),  4 stage ( 24bar ) and 6 stage ( 36 bar ).  However the provision of multiple stages is not solely a pressure consideration, as it has many other significant advantages over other forms of positive displacement pumps. Progressing cavity pumps have long been the pump of choice when handling highly viscous or abrasive materials; the ability to transport fluids with a high level of solids and large particle sizes have established the technology within the Chemical, biotechnology and food industries whilst Oil & Gas, Waste water and many industrial processing plants benefit from the flexibility and reliability offered by this type of pump.
What is perhaps unique about the progressing cavity pump is the inherent level of control that is possible. From extremely accurate to amazingly delicate; from low pressure/ high flow to high pressure/ low flow   situations; hygienic to utilitarian.
This flexibility is accentuated by the multi-stage character of construction and operation, through which, for example, a working pressure can be achieved with abrasive materials without excessive wear or delicate materials can be moved without risk of damage. A highly viscous material may be very precisely delivered for dosing or mixing whilst pumping low viscosity through multiple stages can minimise slip and accurately deliver the required flow & pressure combination.

Introducing extra stages may not be strictly necessary to achieve the required pressure but by doing so the operational speed of the pump can normally be reduced and as a result the operational life of the key components, rotor stator & seal, may be significantly increased.  For critical applications, remote locations and the calculation of whole life cost this factor is not only relevant but can also be very cost effective. Energy efficiency and thermal stability are also a benefit as multiple stages give a slower transition and thus less heat generation and energy losses.
Whist ever more demanding applications continue to stretch conventional solutions it may be interesting to note that progressing cavity pump technology is increasingly shedding its niche market mantle to provide real mainstream options.

October  2013

Down at heel -  not us !!

In Greek mythology , Achilles  was  the hero of the Trojan wars, an  almost indestructible warrior;  able to meet the most difficult of challenges  with skill, determination  and great  resourcefulness .  The son  of King  Peleus  and the Water Nymph Thetis,  Achilles  was established  in legend as  figure symbolising   strength, ability and confidence .  
In our modern day Utility and Service sector  Achilles has become a  byword  for  confidence in supplier selection and purchasing  management.
Prequalification benefits both buyers and suppliers in shortening the procurement cycle whilst,  simultaneously developing business  opportunity.

Torqueflow Sydex is therefore plAchilleseased to  announce that we are now registered  with Achilles so that  all potential customers may  have total confidence in our ability to provide and support our range of high quality products.
Had this Achilles UVDB  been around at the time of the original Achilles they could have perhaps  provided a list of suppliers for better boots - with much stronger heels!  Or perhaps how to avoid Paris in the Spring!

August  2013

We need a holliday!

The summer has turned out to be quite pleasant with periods of warm sunny weather interspersed with short refreshing breaks of a few cooler days.  Unfortunately, we have been a little too busy to take advantage. Despite the sluggish European economy we here at Torqueflow-Sydex are seeing both overseas and domestic activity continue to develop as significant changes take place within the many industries we serve and represent.
The recent takeover of Chemineer, through the acquisition of the Robbins & Myers group, by NOV Mono strengthens their position and creates opportunities for additional research & development into new products and technologies. Torqueflow Sydex currently provides local representation across all Southern counties and has become increasingly involved in many projects for the Water processing and chemical industries with both Chemineer mixers and Sydex progressing cavity pumps.
With a strong network of mains water distribution with the UK  you may well be forgiven for thinking that this satisfies  virtually all requirements , however there remains  a significant diverse  market for independent water extraction. To meet this requirement we have partnered with the Italian manufacturer, Panelli to support a network of distributors within the UK for their range of 4 & 6 inch borehole pumps.
Cleanliness may not necessarily be next to Godliness but is often as high on the agenda. This is certainly the case in many modern process environments where Clean-In-Place ( CIP ) industrial systems are to be found . It is a very specialist sector with few capable suppliers of such equipment.  The UK market leader, Suncombe has outstanding credentials, an unequalled depth and breadth of application experience and an enviable history of development and growth and we are delighted to be working with them to extend the sales support and marketing functions.
The Bio-waste sector is attracting strong interest and new technological advances are creating more sustainable businesses for small systems and producers.  Bio-waste is another area where Suncombe lead the market, and are able to design and manufacture systems for the most extreme requirements. Applications for Franklin Miller grinders, our own macerators and pumps are increasing within this market and new opportunities are presenting themselves regularly.
The common thread running through all of this recent activity is our holistic approach to fluid management with the focus on process engineering.  With Torqueflow Sydex continually seeking to provide a single source supply across a broad range of fluid management and process related equipment it has certainly  been a very busy  last few months.

No wonder we need a holiday!

July 2013

Effective Quality management not only has to be done, it also has to be seen to be done!

In an increasingly litigious world, it has become essential that quality assurance procedure not only ensure the expected performance but should something go amiss, that there is a clear and unbroken line to trace back the problem to its source. This is not only so that effective remedial action can be taken but also to demonstrate that due diligence has been applied throughout all the processes involved. In sectors where safety or environmental protection is directly dependent on materials integrity or manufacturing techniques this is even more vital.

Many commercial distributors employ a quality system that uses a basic form of “Type approval” and does not readily provide individual records for each piece of equipment. Manufacturers may provide source material certification or batch production data, however when demands are more explicit, either to meet company, industry or legislative requirements then a full audit trail is necessary. Torqueflow-Sydex has the benefit of an ISO 9001 quality system at its heart, a fundamental core requirement of which is record keeping and monitored process control. It is therefore well positioned to provide any form of support documentation, test records, material and procedural compliance, a full manufacturing record book and regularly does so for many key industry sector customers.

When a full audit trail is necessary a reasonable charge for such a service is a justified, as the collection, organisation and dissemination of data has to be done at a senior level and records maintained over a significant period of time.

April 2013

Turbulent timesUltra Tab

Kenics,  the static mixer division within Chemineer,  has recently introduce a revolutionary design of turbulent flow  mixers to its existing  range of static inline products. Turbulent flow mixing & blending is the mechanism often selected for many applications in the Water Industry frequently in Waste Water Treatment, Chlorination, Flocculation  and Desalination plants. Often these installations have inherent space restrictions, pressure drop concerns and pipe run limitations which were not easily satisfied without significant compromise. The UltraTab is designed specifically for just such applications, where a high degree of mixing has to be achieved  within a limited  length of pipe.  The  combination of compact installation space, complete blending over very short distances downstream from of the mixer, and the low pressure drop through the element is optimised within the  (patent pending ) UltraTab concept and sets it  apart from all the other more conventional inline mixers.

With the cleverly designed  integral  wall injector, additives are introduced  upstream of the element and are forced through  the high energy dissipation zone of the mixing stream resulting in superior mixing efficiency.

The single tab element provides extremely low pressure drop as compared to other designs and the mixing is completed, in less than 3 pipe diameters downstream of the element.
Independent studies from the British Hydraulic Research Group (BHR) shows the UltraTab produces a Coefficient of Variation (CoV), which is a measure of mixing degree, lower than 0.05 at a distance of 3D downstream from the mixer. It also demonstrated the lowest pressure drop per degree of mixing of all models tested by BHR.

This cost effective , energy efficient,  space saving technology is available now  in a variety of sizes (2” - 60”), differing configurations ( single & multi-point injectors) and  with additive ratio’s from 1:3 to over 1:10,000 the Kenics UltraTab is readily optimized to meet your specific  application.

March 2013

Seasons to be cheerful

March heralds in the spring; nature starts the renewal and growth cycle afresh and there is a distinct sense of vitality and a positive charge in the air.
This is no less the case here at Torqueflow Sydex, where the new financial year has begun with a flurry of diverse enquiries and significant orders from Dealers, Clients and Contractors in markets stretching from the Far east to Scandinavia, South America to Ireland and significant points in between.
Recent sales include “Eliminator” macerator pumps, submersibles, multistage progGreen shoots of opportunityressing cavity pumps, including an 8 stage food grade pump to a leading brand, dairy product producer here in the UK. A Franklin Miller Super Shredder, various Chemineer mixers and Suncombe Clean in Place units have also featured amongst
the many recent orders received.
After 4 successive years of positive double digit growth, maintaining the momentum is challenging but with an increasing portfolio and a clear, cohesive market strategy we see the green shoots of opportunity already breaking through.

Breaking news: just launched, the Infiniti “aCCurra” range of micro dispensing and dosing pumps with digital drives – more details shortly.

January 2013

New Years Resolutions

As we don’t yet have a working Crystal ball, the needs and challenges of 2013 are far from clear. However we have taken the initiative during the quieter periods in 2012 to prepare for most if not all eventualities. Acquiring new product ranges has increased our capacity and scope of supply capability should demand rise, whilst international expansion  &  new marketing  strategies have been introduced to expand  and strengthen our trading position should it not.
With continued pressures such as spiralling energy costs, volatile material prices and uncertain trading conditions we understand that one of the most important things that we can offer our customers, other than our usual reliability, is stability and have therefore made our 2013 new year’s resolutions to :-
1) Keep your costs to the minimum by offering truly competitive pricing.
2) Meet our delivery promises with no increase in lead times
3) Focus on quality in every aspect of our business
4) Respond to changing customer’s needs in a spirit of collaboration and with a mutually beneficial outcome.
5) Broaden, even further, the range of products, technical and after sales support that we offer.
So whist we may not be able to predict the future we can at least offer some predictability in the provision and delivery of our  products and services.
Lets us help you make it a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2013.

December 2012

Presence with a C not Presents with a T

Christmas 2012

 All directors & Staff of Torqueflow-Sydex offer their customers, suppliers and associates the Compliments of the Season and very Best Wishes for the coming New Year.

The promise of 2012 was perhaps only partially realised, as difficult economic circumstances suppressed major market recovery worldwide.  However  despite this,  we consider 2012 to have been a very good year for Torqueflow–Sydex. The association formed with Chemineer early in 2012, the addition of new team members, the launch of our Micro pump range and the formation of Sydex USA have all contributed to the continued growth and success of what is now a truly international group.

Whilst 2013  will undoubtedly have its challenges,  we feel we are now even better placed to respond and support growth in virtually  all market sectors, almost  anywhere in the world.

We can only hope that 2013 also offers you the promise of greater opportunity  and that next Christmas  we  may  all be reflecting on yet another  good year.

Our office  will be closed for the Christmas break from Monday December 24th until Wednesday January 2nd 2013, however should you need to contact us then please email to  which will be monitored during this period.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all here at Torqueflow- Sydex.


November 2012

Born in the US of A

At the beginning of November we launched Sydex USA, a jointly  owned subsidiary  with Sydex srl.  Based in Charlotte, North Carolina this new operation will provide both technical and commercial support to the growing number of distributors across the entire United States.  We have been fortunate to recruit Tim Woodward as Operations Manager who will oversee the development of the support infrastructure and expansion of the distributor network.  Tim holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina and is currently working towards his Masters in Business Administration. He also has well over 20 years direct experience within the pump and fluid management industries working with both domestic and European manufacturers.  His extensive knowledge of all types of pump technologies sees him ideally placed to take both the Sydex srl products and the Torqueflow Sydex  expertise to this large and expanding market. Tim is also a qualified pilot, who enjoys playing golf and socialising with Joyce, his wife of 22 years.

With increasing USA market interest  we see Sydex USA growing  rapidly; quickly  creating an integrated network of Industrial distributors, Municipal representatives, and specialist suppliers to food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Over the next 2 years we hope to establish a substantial USA  base with both product and spares inventory whilst also increasing high level dealer support in terms of application & technical capability.

Talk to Tim on  704-843-5048/704-776-2126, email  or visit

Now a true Multinational organisation the Sydex Group of Companies is continuing to represent technical excellence ,quality, value and availability  across the globe with Sydex srl - Italy, Sydex Flow Lta - Portugal, Sydex Singapore Ltd, now Sydex USA and of course Torqueflow-Sydex Ltd.,  here in the UK.

November 2012

The Sky's the limit !Kardex Vertical Storage Unit

When you have dozens of models, hundreds of possible variants and hence thousands of parts needed to support both production and spares supply where do you find the space to keep them all ?  If you have a thriving business, increasing sales and an expanding product range how do you make the best of the limited space available to support your expansion?

It may only be when we cast our eyes skyward that we see that although Outer space is possibly infinite our little bit of it definitely isn’t.  However, in the very act of looking to the heavens it may be realised that we do often have a large underutilised space available to us, although not always easily accessible.

Sydex Srl has rationalised its part storage areas to create  more usable floor space for both production and the efficient supply  of  spare parts and after-sales support items by introducing  a computerised vertical storage and retrieval system from Swiss manufacturer,  Kardex. Combining a small footprint with flexible, large volume   capacity and rapid retrieval  systems, this skyscraper storage unit has proven a significant advance at our Italian factory.

The Remstar Shuttle unit is capable of storing thousands of items with easy access for both manufacturing, typically saving 3 days on the factory cycle for pump production or  enabling  30% more spare parts to be despatched  the same day or within a  24 hour period.
Integration with the MRP systems ensures that inventory levels are maintained whilst stock is optimised for the best possible delivery and maximum availability.
Ongoing investment keeps Torqueflow-Sydex at the leading edge of both the technological and supply chain frontiers.  Continuing  to seek improvement through innovation and speedy  adoption of  efficient techniques & equipment promises our customers a continuing level of quality and availability  unmatched by our competitors. 

September 2012

Size does matter!

 Small has always been beautiful but today it also has to be digital.  This is as true for progressing cavity pumps as it is for mobile phones, eReaders or Megapixel cameras.
The new range of Precision Digital Metering pumps, announced at ACHEMA  2012,  is now available “ off the shelf ” in two standard ranges.
The PDM17 & PDM 70 series are offered in both a light and heavy duty  version , delivering pressures up to 25 & 35 bar respectively. With the optional stepper motor drive accuracy can be predicted within 1% with a 99% level of  repeatability.


The Pump Manager software, which requires only minimal system overhead and is quickly and easily installed,  has a combined set up and operational screen with  a clear and simple layout that is very intuitive to use. A dedicated calibration function ensures dosing can be controlled and maintained across a very wide range of  viscosity, temperatures and pressures.  Moreover the choice of a digital motor  not only  allows  direct control from a PC but also full integration into a larger  automated system.

If you have an application where precise control  and  extremely accurate metering is a necessity then talk to us about our micro pump solution.

July 2012

Were You there?

Living up to everyone’s expectations  ACHEMA  2012,  was deemed a resounding success by both visitors and exhibitors alike.  Europe’s largest and most prestigious Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection & Biotechnology  exhibition  and Conference opportunity ,  took   place in Frankfurt  between  the 18thto 22ndJune. 
This , the 30thshow attracted around 167,000 visitors , had over 3750 exhibitors  and was presented over an impressive show   area  exceeding   136,000m2.  Torqueflow- Sydex were present on the Sydex group  stand in Hall 9 for the majority of the show and were delighted to meet and greet  customers  both old and new  along with dealers and distributors from across the planet.


Unveiled for the first time, a new range of fully submersible pumps that will shortly become part of our standard Manufacturing programme and a new collaborative project introducing a range of high precision  micro pumps for scientific , pharmaceutical and chemical industries aroused considerable interest. The reputation of the K range , progressing cavity pump continues to grow and this was borne out by the many favourable comments  and positive statements made by the many  visitor  looking at a selection of the range on show.

Franco Geneche   International Sales Manager  for Sydex Srl stated that he was extremely pleased with the quality of the enquiries received, the overall  level of interest  from all the various international markets and was  really encouraged by the positive response to the new products .

If you attended, what did you think  ?  Let us know if we impressed or disappointed.

May 2012

Team Building.........

Back in February we announced a newly formed partnership with Chemineer as the first step in our planned expansion, scope of supply capability and support for a wider range of industry sectors.
Since then we have been far from idle, appointing two experienced field based associates, to provide a local Sales presence in both the South of England, the North West and Scotland whilst at the same time strengthening the internal structure to meet both current and anticipated future demand.

Harry Woolf has been in engineering sales for over 40 years. As a qualified Mechanical engineer with a chemical industry background he brings a vast amount of experience and specialist knowledge in the field of fluid handling, filtration, valves, pumps, mixers, and spray nozzles. From his location in Middlesbrough he is well placed to provide frontline customer support in the North of England and throughout Scotland.

David Johnson has been working in the pump industry since 1988, initially with Worthington Simpson and then with KSB.His experience coversmany different pump types in addition to progressing cavity, for example, peristaltic and centrifugal and in all types of industries and services.
David joins us, bringing with him a wealth of applications and product development experience, to enhance the Torqueflow Sydex capability and assist companies by supplying a range of pumping equipment, grinders and conveyors that not only provided the best performance & reliability, but at the lowest maintenance costs.David covers the Southern half of the country from Cornwall to Kent and all points up to the Midlands. 

Co-ordinating many of these new sales activities is Lauren Udall, Marketing & Communications Manager. As the latest addition to the team she has responsibility for Web, Media, Business and Social networking support & information. Lauren’s background in Sales and Marketing will help us maintain and develop our customer focus with improving enquiry response times, clear and concise documentation and by making relevant information readily available across all the popular media platforms.

April 2012

The only place to be this Summer.........Achema1

ACHEMA  2012,  Europe’s largest and most prestigious Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection &
Biotechnology  exhibition  and Conference opportunity ,  will take  place in Frankfurt  from the 18thto 22ndJune. 

This , the 30th show,  is expected to attract around 180,000 visitors , has over 4000 exhibitors  and covers  an  area  in excess of  140,000m2. In addition to showcasing the leading industry suppliers, contractors and  manufacturers  there is a programme of over  900 lectures, presentations  &  discussion forums being held in parallel at the Technical Congress.


Located in Hall 9, on Stand E63  Sydex has a 35m2 stand featuring 6 of its pumps,  predominately from the K range,  which are  rapidly becoming the benchmarks  for progressing cavity pumps within these and many other industries across the world.  In addition there will be two exciting new products being launched and recent developments in terms of production and organisational expansion and  will  be revealed.

We will be present on the stand for much of the week and if you are planning to attend we would be delighted to see you.  For full details of the Exhibition and Congress  visit

March 2012

Antibiotics Prescription

A leading French pharmaceutical company has just taken delivery of two BGB065, 6 stage progressing cavity pumps at their plant in Brindisi, South East Italy.
Designed to transport dewatered sludge from two GEA Westfalia centrifuges over a distance of some 30 metres to the incinerator, these bespoke “Open throat” pumps will replace the two competitor’s, 4 stage pumps currently installed.

The centrifuged mixture contains approximately 30 - 35% dry solids which, when combined with the polymer forms a spongy compressible mixture that acts much like a Bingham plastic fluid and therefore requires careful, controlled handling necessitating low speed operation yet demanding significant operating pressure to overcome the yield stress and meet the overall system requirements.

Powered by a 22kW Siemens motor, through a Nord heavy duty reduction gear box , the pump operating speed of 96rpm, can deliver up to 2800kg/h at around 25-28 bar; more than sufficient to match the Officine Cartigliano incinerator consumption capability.

The “Hybrid” design of these pumps introduces the advantages of a separate bearing housing, traditionally a feature of long coupled models, to the more compact and lower cost block type construction. Isolation of the gearbox from high axial loading and offering better operating conditions for the mechanical seal has always been Sydex’s preferred option but typically extended both the overall length and cost. By incorporating this additional bearing support between the pump drive shaft and gearbox the overall length is kept to a minimum, as is the additional cost but performance and service life is more comparable to that of the long coupled models.

Sydex were chosen to supply these replacements following the successful installation of various pumps to the Customer’s site in the Czech Republic and the ability to provide a technically superior solution at an affordable price.

February 2012

Something's Stirring

Torqueflow –Sydex is delighted to announce its newly formed association with Chemineer, the world renowned manufacturer of industrial Mixers and Agitators, to provide representation and sale support for both the South East of England and the entire Scottish region.  Chemineer is the byword for superior mixing and agitator equipment throughout the Chemical, Biotechnology, Petrochemical, Water& Waste water, Pharmaceutical, and Food processing industries. 

2012 will see them celebrate 60 years at the forefront of mixing equipment design and development   where they have been and remain the most innovative and comprehensive source of this widely utilised technology.

With our background in fluid management and demanding performance criteria, Torqueflow –Sydex is ideally placed to support the continued growth of both companies with this new partnership.  From  both  our Southampton base and with regionally located representatives  our Chemineer trained staff,  will be able to provide timely,  knowledgeable  responses  to any  of  your  sales enquiries.

Give us a call on 02380 007999 or email

January 2012

Pump up the Yoghurt

Torqueflow-Sydex has just shipped the first trolley mounted food grade pump to its customer in Israel.

The pump, a BHF035-1L food grade model, was mounted to a stainless steel trolley and will be used to enable greater flexibility in the production of Yoghurt & Cream cheese when changes or increases in the scheduled output have to be accommodated. The gentle, non shearing action offered by a progressing cavity pump is ideal for dairy products, or any substance, that is shear sensitive or that is transferred at regulated temperatures. Full compliance with international regulation and standards for food hygiene, inherent in the HF series pump design, along with the optional CIP ( Clean In Place ) port to ensure thorough & easy cleaning, were the criteria set by the customer to satisfy their own exacting hygiene standards.

Produced to order in just 5 weeks, this high quality stainless steel unit is destined to provide a highly polished performance that will lift yoghurt to a whole new level.

December 2011

Ring out the Old, Ring in the New

All directors & Staff of Torqueflow-Sydex offer their customers, suppliers and associates the Compliments of the Season and very Best Wishes for the coming New Year.

2011 proved a challenging but successful twelve months with new products introduced, new markets opened up, new affiliations formed and new subsidiaries created.

2012 holds the tantalising prospect of continuing and expanding these developments, however we are under no illusions; Customer focus, quality, performance & availability at a competitive cost must remain the cornerstone of our business ethos. Technical innovation, intelligent application and outstanding support will remain the key to achieving yet more growth and greater market share.

We hope too that your business ends 2011 on a positive footing and is optimistic about the future affording us the opportunity to work with you all again in 2012.

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from all here at Torqueflow-Sydex

October 2011

Fast food at fair prices

The H range of Torgueflow-Sydex hygiene & food standard progressing cavity pumps combine all the benefits of the acclaimed K range performance with a remarkably low cost supplement to meet the most stringent food and hygiene requirements.

Using high grade 316 stainless steel throughout the HL & HF models build on the well proven design & high quality manufacturing practices synonymous with the Torqueflow-Sydex name. With particular attention to detail, e.g.  Highly polished surfaces on food grade HF series,   critical areas of hygiene and sanitation have been addressed to dramatically improve the effective cleaning and sterilisation processes.  With the optional CIP ( CleanIn Place ) port,  the integrity and  cleanliness of the pump can be readily maintained both inside and out.

The inherently low shear characteristics of a progressing cavity pump, enables gentle and effective conveying of shear sensitive fluids even when containing soft solids and with capacity of up to  50m3/h, pressures to 24 bar, an extensive choice of food grade elastomers available, it is easy to see why the H range is a popular choice  within thefood, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Not only can we offer the best high quality, advanced technical solution, at a very  attractive price,  but in most cases we can also  deliver in less than 6 weeks..

September 2011

Back in Stock  - The Franklin Miller  SUPER SHREDDER

The Super Shredder  inline disintegrator features a patented  “spherical shredding” design that reduces a variety of tough sewage solids to fine bits enabling  it to handle higher flow rates than any other inline grinder currently made.
The Super Shredder was specifically designed for high capacity, durability and ease of  maintenance. The unit employs a dependable low speed, high torque mechanism that provides effective operation and long life in sewage and sludge pipeline applications and has provided remarkably dependable service in installations worldwide. The unique open spherical cutter design gives unobstructed flow and its cutting elements are constructed of hard-faced stainless steel with a surface hardness in excess of Rc60, providing  20 times  the abrasion resistance of normal  hardened steel.  With just  two, easily replaced, cutting elements, the Super Shredder has proven  extremely reliable and unsurpassed for ease of maintenance. It also includes an  S250 system that senses jam conditions and automatically reverses direction to clear any obstructions.
Models are available for pipe sizes from 4" (100 mm) through 24" (600 mm) handling up to  21,000 litres per minute.
Now available ex-stock or on short delivery, so contact us to learn more.

September 2011

TORQUEFLOW-ELIMINATOR - it's all in the name

Since its introduction some 4 years ago, the Torqueflow –Eliminator , macerator pump has enjoyed a dramatic rise in sales, increasing in both the range of applications and scope of operation in which it has been employed . Combining the myriad advantages of the progressing cavity pump with the shearing power of a Bi-Hammer macerator has created an industry leading product.

Maintaining effective flow  through small bore pipes over longer distances or high lift is notoriously difficult when dealing with fluid with a high level of solids or suspended materials. By ensuring the input to the pump is reduced to small particles the risks of blockage, backflow  premature wear and pump damage are all but  eliminated.  As flow is independent of pressure this provides an ideal solution to many difficult demanding applications  with a single compact package.

 Contact us for more details.

August 2011


As part of the EU Directive 2005/32/EC (Eco-design Requirements for Energy-using Products) the EU member states gave their support to the new rules for reducing the energy demand of industrial motors. From 16 June 2011 onward, motors must comply as a minimum with MEPS (Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards) energy efficiency class IE2(High Efficiency; formerly EFF1).

Torqueflow-Sydex are pleased to advise that all pump and motor combination supplied by them are in full compliance with these new regulations and are fully supportive of these energy efficient initiatives.

Further changes are proposed from January 2015 and Torqueflow-Sydex will ensure that we continue to offer products that meet or exceed any requirements of future legislation.

August 2011


Torqueflow-Sydex Limited is pleased to announce that  Alan Rines has joined the company to provide addition technical & sales support for the business following a sustained period of growth. As Business Development Manager, Alan will be assisting in the sales support , customer relations and general management area's using his wide ranging experience of both  mechanical engineering and customer services.

Recent successful projects for a number of Middle Eastern clients  and an increasing level of enquiry for the acclaimed Torqueflow-Sydex pumps have prompted Managing Director, David Lee to  make this appointment and to strengthen these area's in anticipation of the recent growth continuing, and to ensure that  Torqueflow-Sydex maintains its acknowledged  high quality of service  going forward .


September 2010


Torqueflow-Sydex Limited is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new industrial and office building in Horton Heath, Eastleigh, Hampshire. As part of our continuing success, we are now able to offer improved spare parts stockholding, and a pump refurbishment and service centre. Please see our contact us page for full details of the new address.

May 2010


We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Nash Mechanical Seal Services and Synergy Engineering in order to provide seal supply and repair services. This significant development means that we can now offer seal refurbishment and replacement services for all types of pumps including Toqrqueflow-Sydex progressing cavity pumps. For more information, please see our mechanical seals page.

Oct 2007


Progressing Cavity Pump Manufacturer Torqueflow-Sydex, introduces Polyurethane for tough abrasive applications
Traditional elastomers including Nitrile [NBR], Ethylene Propylene [EPDM] and Viton/Fluorocarbon [FKM] are all used successfully in today’s progressing cavity pumps. Selection of the correct elastomer is just one aspect of ensuring reliable service, and good performance. Nitrile is a good all round elastomer for various chemical and slurry applications, and tends to be the first choice for abrasive duties. Viton has excellent chemical resistance properties, but performance is reduced if the liquid contains abrasive particles.

When selecting a pump, fundamental consideration should always be given to rotational pump speed [rubbing velocity is the term used to describe oscillation - in the form of a sine wave - of the pump rotor with the stator], differential pressure and the number of pump stages [‘slip’ or ‘backflow’ over the seal line of contact points between rotor and stator increases with pressure and can cause wear]. The more the elastomeric stator can flex when sharp abrasive particles pass over it, the less wear occurs. The ability of the stator to flex is significantly enhanced with Polyurethane, and tests carried out have given some very positive results.

Torqueflow-Sydex are now able to offer this excellent elastomer in virtually all of its pump range, giving enhanced reliability, service life and most importantly of all reduced running costs for its customers.

Polyurethane was first developed in the late 1930s as a replacement for rubber. This new organic polymer was an ideal substitute for scarce materials, and spurred numerous applications. Polyurethane coatings were soon used for the impregnation of paper, high-gloss airplane finishes and chemical and corrosion resistant coatings to protect metal, wood and masonry.

Formulations, additives and processing techniques continued to be developed and improved, and now polyurethanes can be found virtually everywhere in everyday life. Polyurethane elastomers are incorporated in a multitude of diverse products such as thermoplastic polyurethane, cast elastomers and Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) products.


Torqueflow-Sydex announce agreement with Franklin Miller
Torqueflow-Sydex have signed an agreement to exclusively represent Franklin Miller Inc.’s range of solids handling equipment in UK and Ireland.

Franklin Miller grinders effectively reduce solids such as rags, plastics and wood that might otherwise damage valuable pumping equipment. The Taskmaster® is provided with cutter cartridge technology, unique to Franklin Miller, wherein 6 cutter disks and 6 spacer disks are replaced by one piece elements for far greater strength. Through using fewer components, the need for stack tightening is eliminated. As the teeth wear on other grinders the stack will gradually loosen and eventually fail, resulting in expensive repairs and down-time. This will not happen with the Taskmaster® cutter cartridge design. The Taskmaster® is available as an in-channel or in-line unit.

The Super Shredder® in-line disintegrator reduces tough solids entrained in pipeline systems. The unit combines world-class size reduction capabilities with a streamlined easy to maintain design that features only a few working elements. The Super Shredder® is ideal for applications requiring a heavy–duty, size reduction processor that can handle high flows with minimal head-loss. The unit utilises a low-speed, high-torque drive to chop, grind and shred solids into fine particles that can be easily processed by down-stream equipment. Its innovative open-centre spherical rotor design maintains a high percentage of open area, making this unit practically invisible to the flow. Size for size it can handle higher flows than other in-line grinder units.

The Spiralift® range includes the Spiralift® SC screenings conditioner that, grinds, washes, compacts and de-waters screenings with optimal washing capacity. The SC conditioning system can be placed in tight waste water treatment plant locations. The unit takes raw screenings from the screen and conditions them to minimise water, odour and organic material.

As the screenings drop into the SC hopper, they are washed by the upper spray nozzles and then ground by the Taskmaster® grinder. Next the Spiralift® wash-press intensively washes organics and flushes them back into the system. The remaining screening are then de-watered in the unit’s press zone. The processed screenings then pass through a discharge pipe, and are deposited into a bin, bag, hopper or conveyor all washed, ground and reduced in weight. The integration of the grinder and press technology combined with highly rugged construction make the Spiralift® SC unique and highly effective

The Spiralift® SL screening system is a fine auger screening system that grinds, washes, de-waters and conveyors non-organic material out of the liquid channel. The SL employs a shaftless auger screw and fine perforated screen that captures debris. By combining this ‘auger screen’ with the Tankmaster® Titan grinder, the system achieves its unique level of reliability and effectiveness.

First, the grinder reduces the solids to a small size and loosens up any trapped organics. A spray wash system then washes the organics off the solids and back into the flow where they can continue into the treatment works. This also significantly reduces the odour of the screenings. The perforated screen is wiped by the brushes around the perimeter of the auger. The brushes are highly durable and are critical to the reliability of the system. The homogeneously ground solids are effectively conveyed up the auger and can be easily disposed of, whilst free water flows back into the flow. As the unit operates at low rotational speed, it consumes very little power.

May 2007

Factory achieves ISO9001 TUV Quality Assurance:
We are pleased to announce that effective 15th May 2007, our factory in Lonigo is now certified by TUV to ISO9001:2000. Today’s customers demand their suppliers meet t he latest international standard for quality management and quality assurance systems..

ISO 9001:2000 includes the following main sections:

  • Quality Management System
  • Management Responsibility
  • Resource Management
  • Product Realisation
  • Measurement Analysis and Improvement

Sydex srl and Torqueflow-Sydex Limited are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services that constantly meet or exceed customer expectations. The company’s philosophy is that quality assurance commences with the design of the product, and ends only when the customer obtains acceptable product function, perceived value and service.

All personnel within the organisation will assume accountability for the quality within their area of responsibility, and recognises the company values of total quality management. Through the effective instigation and integration of the quality system the company will address all aspects of customer satisfaction and will ensure that through continuous improvement prevent nonconformity.

The benefits of implementing ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System include:

  • Policies and objectives set by 'top management'
  • Understanding customer's requirements with a view to achieving customer satisfaction
  • Improved internal and external communications
  • Greater understanding of the organization's processes
  • Understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact on the organization and your customers
  • Clear responsibilities and authorities agreed for all staff
  • Improved use of time and resources
  • Reduced wastage
  • Greater consistency and traceability of products and services
  • Improved morale and motivation

This further demonstrates our commitment to being fully customer focused in the way we operate, today and in the future, and is a cornerstone of our continuing success and growth.

June 2007

New Greenline Range of Agitators launched
Torqueflow-Sydex is dedicated to providing a full range of services to its customers. as a result we have now launched a new competitive range of agitators for the following applications:

  • Keeping solids in suspension
  • Dissolving
  • Sludge conditioning
  • Homogenization
  • Flash mixing of surface water
  • Floculation of waste water
  • Ph adjustment
  • Ddenitrification
  • Polyelectrolite
  • Lime of milk
  • Chemical make up, etc.

The vertical agitator series gives an answer to your needs for fluid mixing in civil or industrial processes for water treatment.

Jan 07

Torqueflow-Sydex Limited
Building on the continuing success of Sydex Pump, Torqueflow-Sydex Limited has been created to bring a much needed, and long overdue fresh dimension to the pump market.

We will do this by providing high-quality products, delivered on-time at competitive prices coupled with exceptional expertise.

We have over 20 years experience in the pump market, and our knowledge tells us that customers need and want to work in partnership with their suppliers. One of our strengths is our flexible approach, enabling us to adapt and change according to our customers’ needs, providing them with best practice solutions for their pumping application.

Keeping running costs low are today more important than ever. If pumps are selected or sized incorrectly the result will soon be expensive maintenance, unplanned down-time and even loss of production. Torqueflow-Sydex will work closely with you to optimise pump selections ensuring your plant’s optimum performance.

We have found that many people are unaware, that there are significant factors that can be incorporated into pump selection. Watch our news section over the coming months for helpful tips and technical papers.

We want to make a difference