Chemineer Mixers & Agitators         


 Torqueflow-Sydex represents Chemineer in the South East of England, giving you all the advantages of dealing direct with the manufacturer combined with local support...

Chemineer is a supplier of mixing solutions and products to customers worldwide. Since 1952, the Chemineer name has come to be well known in the chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, polymers and food & grain processing industries.

Chemineer distinguishes itself from competitors with its pioneer spirit, technical innovations and willingness to partner with its customers on mixing designs. Chemineer fluid mixing knowledge, supported by the best application software, proprietary mixer designs, and strong laboratory analysis enables it to be the preferred supplier of fluid mixing equipment. Chemineer's list of firsts has earned a position of leadership among mixing suppliers.

 Chemineer firsts

  • The first static mixer - Kenics
  • The first to develop ChemScale
  • The first to use Particle Image Velocimetry
  • The first expert design software
  • The first high-efficiency gas dispersion impellers
  • The first non-rotating agitator - Clean Sweep

Customers look to Chemineer to solve their mixing challenges. Its commitment to quality, service and timely response has earned Chemineer the right to partner with its customers.