Pumps are an intrinsic part of the marine industry. The applications for which they are used range from machinery lubrication to waste handling. The diversity of viscosities within the industry provides a requirement for pumps which can be used efficiently at all temperatures, have excellent suction performance and provide a pulse free flow.

Torqueflow-Sydex has a range of pumps which can assist in marine led applications from bilge pumping  and waste removal to cargo transfer and lubrication.








Torqueflow-Sydex are an approved distributor for Seim. Seim can offer the following for marine application.

Three Screw Pumps

• Flow rates up to 10.500 L/min (ca. 2700 USGPM), larger flow rates are available upon request.
• Pressure up to 120 bar (ca. 1700 psi) continuous, higher pressure versions are available upon request
• Suitable for pumping: Lube oils (mineral and synthetic – even at high viscosity > 100.000 cSt),HFC fluids, Water based emulsions, Cutting oils, Aeronautic and dialectical fluids, All fuel oils (incl. LFO and HFO), Silicon fluids.
• ATEX approval
• ABS type approved pumps
• survey by naval inspection bodies.
• Built in relief valve, optional for most of the models.

Twin Screw Pumps

• Flow rates up to 1250 m³/h (ca 5700 USGPM)
• Versions with and without timing gears
• Pressure up to 40 bar (ca. 570 psi) continuous, different pressure versions are available upon request
• wide range for materials of construction – for the largest compatibility
• API 676 latest ed. Version available
• Suitable for: lube oils (mineral and synthetic – even at high viscosity > 20.000 cSt), Diathermic oils, Any fluid with low or no lubricating property, Food industry, Cosmetics and soaps, All fuel oils (incl. LFO and HFO).



The Torqueflow Eliminator is a Self-priming progressing cavity screw pump capable of suction lift applications. The Bi-Hammer Macerator reduces particle size before entering the pumping element. Macerated waste is transferred to the final destination.

K Range

The extremely popular K-range is a heavy-duty robust industrial pump designed for a wide range of applications throughout a multitude of industries. Available as a compact space-saving close coupled pump, or a rigid longcoupled version with a separate bearing housing for demanding 24 hour a day applications. Low cost of ownership has been achieved through intelligent carefully considered design.