Torqueflow-EliminatorTM Macerator Pump

 macerator pump

Torqueflow-EliminatorTM Macerator Pump- For your raw sewage and waste water applications.  
High static head or pumping long discharge runs via small bore piping, centrifugal submersible grinder pumps don’t always perform as expected!
Torqueflow-EliminatorTM Chart (Regardless of actual system total discharge pressure requirements, stated pump flow is constant!)

Performance characteristics

Proven: the Torqueflow Eliminator Grinder Pump is capable of pumping over high lifts and long distance via small bore pipes up to market leading 5 bar for this size of pump.
The pump and your system discharge flow at all pressures remains constant. This ensures your system’s waste is emptied successfully at all times.
Therefore for installers and end users the Torqueflow Eliminator Grinder Pump is proving to be the safe choice!
Unknown installation details, for example, like final discharge pipe route and number of bends being greater than anticipated are accommodated successfully by the pump’s versatile performance characteristics

Centrifugal chart. (For relatively small increases in discharge head or pipe friction losses for your pumped raw sewage / waste discharge installation, the drop of flow from your centrifugal pump is significant!)

performance of a centrifugal pump

To eliminate possible backflow / overflow and required mopping up, the solution is to adopt a pump such as the Eliminator whose flow performance is effectively independent of the system’s actual discharge lift / pressure and fluid friction loss requirements. 

Not only does the Eliminator’s unique design enable predictable flow performance for installers and users; its suction lifts of up to 6 meters and the reliable Bi-Hammer macerator blades make this pump a  reliable selection for a wide range of installation requirements and applications.


The Torqueflow Eliminator Grinder Pump can be found operating in raw sewage and waste applications like-  
Waste tank emptying, portable toilet blocks, marquee events, boat waste tank emptying, leisure park facilities, commercial office blocks, and many more.

The Pump is available direct from Torqueflow Sydex with or without collecting tank making installation or retrofitting easy and economical. An optional control panel with level controls is also available.

Get your raw sewage / waste water system working well. Reliably!
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