Grinding and Solids Handling - Torqueflow Sydex


Franklin MillerThe efficient operation of wastewater as well as industrial plants often depends on the effective processing of solids. Tough, stringy plastics, rags, wood, grit and other solids can cause severe operational problems. That’s where FMI grinders, shredders, crushers and screens play a key role in protecting and enhancing plant processes worldwide.

Our grinders are designed to reduce tough solids to homogeneous, fine particles that can be easily handled by pumps, belt filter presses, digestors and other process equipment. They reduce or eliminate impeller ragging, punctured filter belts and premature drum wear.

Our screens and screening systems efficiently separate, condition and remove solids from liquids. These units play a critical role in wastewater treatment, septage receiving, industrial process and waste, pulp and paper, agricultural facilities and food processing.

Franklin MillerWith Franklin Miller you select from a wide range of innovative processors built with an 80 year tradition of quality. Whatever your application requirements are, there’s an FMI processor ready to reduce your operational problems.

Ever since designing the first inline sewage grinder, Franklin Miller Inc. has been a leading innovator with a strong engineering orientation.

Franklin MillerWith over 30 years of industry experience, our engineering staff is available to help you with your plant design or application.

Each processor is built to the highest standards for quality and reliability and designed for low maintenance.