The definition of washing is “to clean with water and typically, soap or detergent and clean as free from dirt, marks, or stains”. The result of washing is "the removal of all residues of soil and all washing agents so that contact with the cleaned surface does not result in physical contamination".

PureKleenTM Parts Washers >

PureKleenTM Parts Washers are ultra-high specification units, using an innovative spray technique, offers the perfect clean employing high impact accurate spray targetting. They incorporate existing and new technologies to provide an environmentally friendly, low water and energy usage for parts washing.

< Drum Wash Booth

Full containment is offered in our Drum Wash Booths which clean and dry the Drums both internally and externally.

SonoKleenTM Parts Washers

Suncombe SonoKleenTM Parts Washers use the same principles as the PureKleenTM Parts Washer with the additional abillity to enhance a clean using ultra sonic technology.



< Multipurpose BoothWasherTM

Single door or pass through washing of any combination of larger components. Typical applications include larger change parts, IBC's, filters and seive parts, pallets, drums, mobile vessels etc. Trolleys and racks are designed to hold the equiptmnet with options of inverters and high pressure modules.





The ImmersionWasher™ is used for Cleaning Out of Place (COP) of processing equipment in a cleaning "trough" and are used throughout the worldwide Food, Dairy, Beverage, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Healthcare, Personal Care and other processing industries

IBC Washing

IBCWashBoothTM >

Available as a single door or pass through option they offer a fully contained, validatable unit to clean and dry the internals and externals of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's).

< IBCWashStation™


Simple, low cost wash stations providing cleaning and drying of IBC materials.