High Efficiency Screening and Screenings Handling

Screen Master TM SP

The Screenmaster SP is a precision constructed fine screen which removes
a remarkable amount of wastewater screenings from channel installation in
municipal and industrial wastewater applications. This unit features specially
design perforated plates that provide efficient fine screening. The SP can be
easily installed directly in-channel even in tight plant locations. Models are
available to process flows up to 95 mgd (15000 m3/hr) with screen perforations
from 3.5-6mm.

How it works: The unit's stainless steel perforated bands (panels) screen and
capture the debris entrained in the wastewater. The movement of these bands
conveys the solids up towards the discharge chute. Once the headloss reaches
a preset level, the panels are automatically cleaned by an independently operated
rotating brush. The screen may also be controlled by a timer or based on a duty/stand-by
cycle. This unit's design ensures high extraction rates with minimum head loss.










SpiraliftTM SC

The SPIRALIFT SC Screenings Conditioner provides efficient washing, compacting and
de-odorizing of screenings.  It can be installed behind a new or existing mechanical
bar screen and quickly goes to work enhancing the screenings output.  The processed
solids are discharged as ground, uniform  particles in a compacted plug, ideally
conditioned for disposal.

The SPIRALIFT SC utilizes a rugged TASKMASTER Screenings Grinder to reduce solids
to a small size exposing multiple surfaces. The ground solids are intensively washed
to remove contaminants and organics. The screenings are then compacted and conveyed
by unit's powerful screw press and organics are returned to the flow.

The SPIRALIFT SC is provided with a stainless steel housing and PLC based control system.
Two models are available: the SC8520 and the SC1620.

See the Franklin Miller video