SC Series

Product Information

 Cleanability of Solid-Mingled and High-Viscosity Liquids is Dramatically Improved

- This pump’s design allows for cleaning of the pump’s interior regardless of the size of the solids within the liquid
- The limited number of spaces within the pump for liquids to pool results in easy cleaning.
- Placed vertically with a CIP mechanism, this pump eliminates every last drop of liquid from the interior of the pump.

Self-Priming and Excellent Quantitative Reliability

- The rotor in this pump is made with Nakakins patented Nakamura Metal No. 3, allowing the lowest clearance between rotor and casing. This, as a result, produces high suction capabilities.
- The unique shape of the rotors contributes to a superior level of Quantitative Reliability (superior capability to distribute constant volume of liquid).

Reversible Rotation Pumping

This model can be used for pumping right to left or vice versa.

Interchangeable Use of Pump - Vertical or Horizontal

This pump can be easily installed either vertically or horizontally into your manufacturing line.

Maximum Discharge Pressure of 1.0 MPa


Single Blade Rotor

This pump features a fixed shaft, single blade rotor best suited for the distribution of solid-mingled liquids.
Two blade rotors are also optional with this pump.

Flat Head Rotor

The head of the rotor is flat, as is the casing. This dramatically minimises the spaces in which liquid pooling may occur.

Super Clean Mechanical Seal

This pump’s mechanical seal is simple and compact in design. There are no O-ring grooves, which may trap liquids, and this contributes to easy cleaning.

SC Fixed Shaft Rotor

 Disassembly / Assembly is now a simple process. Because the shaft is fixed to the rotor, the rotor can be easily and accurately installed.