Nakakin Rotary Piston Pumps 

Nakakin was founded in 1950. They pride themselves on a one stop solution, from sourcing materials, casting products and parts production to pump assembly and distribution. Now boasting in excess of 20,000 customers worldwide Nakakin is a trusted, quality brand with a reliable, adaptable product. Torqueflow Sydex are proud to be their UK representative.

Nakakin Rotary Pump Characteristics

The Nakakin Rotary Pump features a structure in which the rotor and casing have no contact with each other. The pump provides a number of benefits including: No malfunctions because of dry running of contact parts and longer pump life thanks to durability.

In addition, the Nakakin Rotary Pump uses Nakamura Metal No. 3, which is able to withstand high temperatures with small expansion rates. This allows for very minimum clearance between the rotors and casing. The Rotary Pump has achieved excellent performance in a number of areas, including discharge/suction capabilities, the capability to pump a constant volume of liquid, and easy cleanability.

The Nakakin Rotary Pump allows for cleaning down to the smallest component and incredibly easy assembly/disassembly. Nakakin have also developed the SC Series which can be dismantled even further to provide effective cleaning and the AXIN Series that can isolate liquids completely from the atmosphere to ensure aseptic conditions.

The Nakakin Rotary Pump enables distribution of various types of liquids such as "low- to high-viscosity liquids", "high-temperature liquids", "liquids with a mixture of solids" and "liquids with slurries".

Due to such versatility, the Nakakin Rotary Pump achieves great performance in a variety of fields including the food industry, cosmetic industry and the pharmaceutical industry.