Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

The processes involved in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing requires complete sterility and precision metering in order to provide the highest quality end product. The isolation and accurate dosing of liquids are imperative and the failure of not meeting these demands can be expensive.

Torqueflow–Sydex can provide many solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries both in the field of research and during the manufacturing and production process.

Precision Metering

The Torqueflow-Sydex Precision Metering pumps can provide a total solution thanks to:-

  • Gentle, low shear pumping
  • Flow rate stability and metering accuracy
  • Aseptic and sterile processes

A typical example of an application would be research and development where precise control of amount of liquid required is imperative.

The Torqueflow H Range

These hygienic grade pumps are, specifically designed to satisfy the most rigorous requirements, and to avoid product contamination and spoiling.

They are manufactured free of any stagnation areas, the H range is available with clean in place system (CIP) and bypass ports. The pumps can be used with concentrated highly viscous liquids, our hygienic models can work at slow speeds, and can be manufactured with enlarged inlets, or with a hopper and an auger to convey the material into the pump.

The pumped product is always transferred gently. The progressing cavity pump principle is inherently 'low-shear', and there are no sudden changes in fluid which would otherwise damage the product.

We manufacture all of the most important components of our pumps ourselves, enabling us to maintain total control over the quality of the final product.


Chemineer applies its extensive application knowledge and high quality equipment to provide the performance you require in a variety of sanitary applications including:

• Suspending, incorporating or dissolving solids with high flow/low shear impellers

• Blending fluids either in line or within process vessels

• High shear mixing, deagglomeration, dispersion and emulsification

• Maximizing heat transfer with even highly viscous or difficult to process materials