JM/JO Series

Product Information

Sanitary Features
Nakakin's long history and extensive knowledge of pump manufacturing has enabled us to create a pump that is highly sanitary. Easy disassembly/assembly and other aspects such as rounded corners within our pumps all create a very clean, sanitary pump.

Maximum Discharge Pressure of 1.5 MPa
Our unique bearing mechanism and highly rigid shaft design allows our pumps to have high discharge pressure even in our standard models.

Allows Distribution of Low- to High-Viscosity Liquids
The rotor is made with our patented Nakamura Metal No. 3, which compared to other companies' pumps, has achieved the smallest clearance between the rotor and casing. This has not only enabled a high discharge pressure of high-viscosity liquids, but also those of a low viscosity.

Hot Sanitation
During the CIP process, the pump can be cleaned with 95°C hot water and detergents.
Even in our standard model, steam cleaning can be used. (Our high temperature model can withstand temperatures of 150°C.)

Reversible Rotation Pumping
This model can be used for pumping right to left or vice versa.

Self-Priming and can also be used for Vacuuming.
Exceptionally small clearance between the rotor and casing gives the pump strong suction capabilities. This pump can also be used to draw liquid from vacuum tanks, even high viscosity liquids.

Excellent Constant Volume of Liquid
The unique shape of the rotors and their small clearance allows excellent constant volume of liquid even with high-discharge specifications.

Single- and Double-Blade Rotors
This pump’s design allows for the easy switch between single-blade rotors that are suited for distributing solid-mingled liquids and the standard double-blade rotors. For example, you could switch to single blade rotors when pumping liquids such as yogurt with fruit particles or soup with vegetable particles.

Interchangeable use of Pump - Vertical or Horizontal
This pump can be easily installed either vertically or horizontally into your manufacturing line.

Compatibility with the RM/RO Series
Our previous model was the RM/RO. JM/JO can be swapped with this model, because it has the same diameter.

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Single Bladed Rotor

(Suitable for distributing sold mingled liquids)

Double Blade Rotor  (standard Version)


Thermal insulation. This pump has extra compartments creating thermal insulation to maintain the steady flow of liquids and stopping solidification.

Mini Pump

Suitable for laboratories

Vented Cover

This provides liquid relief to protect the pump when the pressure inside the pump becomes excessively high

Rectangular Inlet

This is suitable for high viscosity liquids.

CIP JET Function

Using the pressure difference between the suction and discharge sides, this function allows for automatic cleaning and sterilisation even for the smallest of internal pump components without necessitating disassembly of the casing, casing cover, rotors or seals. This pressure difference also prevents any pooling of liquids within the pump

Special Optional Extras

- Pump with Hopper for High Viscosity liquids
- Flushing Cover
- High Discharge Pressure
- Vacuuming Type
- Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal for Conveying Slurries
- High-Temperature Version