JMU Series

Product Information

Discharge Pressure 1.0 MPa (Max: 1.0 kg/cm2)

The Nakakin unique bearing mechanism and highly rigid shaft design creates high discharge pressure.
The high pressure models can reach 1.5MPa.

Self-Priming and Perfect for Vacuuming

Small clearance gives the pump strong suction capabilities. With a quenching mechanism, it is perfect for drawing liquid from the vacuum tank.

Best for Distributing Difficult-to-Handle Liquids

The pump is best suited for difficult-to-handle liquids, such as liquids that solidify in air, slurries, and liquids that would cause harm if leaked.

Completely Sanitary

Assembly and disassembly are incredibly easy. Naturally, this pump is very easy to clean, and you can use automatic cleaning with this pump.

Excellent Quantitative Reliability

The unique shape of the rotors and their small clearance allow excellent ability to distribute constant volume of liquid even with high-discharge specifications.

Hot Sanitation

During the CIP process, the pump can be cleaned with 95°C hot water and detergents. Even in the standard model, steam cleaning can be used. (The high temperature model can withstand temperatures of 150°C.)