Food and Drinks Industry

In the UK the food and drinks industry is our largest manufacturing sector. There are over 6,000 food and drink manufacturing companies in the UK alone. Worldwide contribution to the food and drink industry is epic. Every time you walk around your local supermarket a new product is on the shelf, that product has come from somewhere. It may be local, it may be national, it may be international but either way somehow it has been produced. The industry relies on machinery.


Nakakin was founded in 1950. Today they boast over 20,000 clients from industries including dairy products, food, beverages and cosmetics. Full details of the company and product listing can be found here.

Torqueflow Sydex

A number of the pumps from our own range may also be useful for the food and drinks industry.

The H range of Torqueflow-Sydex hygiene & food standard progressing cavity pumps combine all the benefits of the acclaimed K range performance with a remarkably low cost supplement to meet the most stringent food and hygiene requirements.

Using high grade 316 stainless steel throughout the HL & HF models build on the well proven design & high quality manufacturing practices synonymous with the Torqueflow-Sydex name. With particular attention to detail, e.g. Highly polished surfaces on food grade HF series, critical areas of hygiene and sanitation have been addressed to dramatically improve the effective cleaning and sterilisation processes. With the optional CIP ( CleanIn Place ) port, the integrity and cleanliness of the pump can be readily maintained both inside and out.

The inherently low shear characteristics of a progressing cavity pump, enables gentle and effective conveying of shear sensitive fluids even when containing soft solids and with capacity of up to 50m3/h, pressures to 24 bar, an extensive choice of food grade elastomers available, it is easy to see why the H range is a popular choice within the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Not only can we offer the best high quality, advanced technical solution, at a very attractive price, but in most cases we can also deliver in less than 6 weeks.