Food and Drinks Industry

The UK the food and drinks industry is a highly successful manufacturing sector. There are over 6,000 companies in the UK alone. Virtually every food manufacturer uses one of the essential products and services provided by Torqueflow-Sydex and its partners


Our unique and extensive capabilities in the Food Industry

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We will soon be announcing full approval to EHEDG for
our positive 
displacement progressing cavity pump range. Watch our news page for further information or sign up for our newsletter
The H range of Torqueflow-Sydex hygiene & food standard progressing cavity pumps combine all the benefits of the acclaimed K range performance with a remarkably low cost supplement to meet the most stringent food and hygiene requirements.
Using high grade 316 stainless steel throughout the HL & HF models build on the well proven design & high quality manufacturing practices synonymous with the Torqueflow-Sydex name. With particular attention to detail, e.g. Highly polished surfaces on food grade HF series, critical areas of hygiene and sanitation have been addressed to dramatically improve the effective cleaning and sterilisation processes. With the optional CIP (Clean-In -Place) port, the integrity and cleanliness of the pump can be readily maintained both inside and out.
The inherently low shear characteristics of a progressing cavity pump, enables gentle and effective conveying of shear sensitive fluids even when containing soft solids and with capacity of up to 50m3/h, pressures to 24 bar, an extensive choice of food grade elastomers available, it is easy to see why the H range is a popular choice within the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. Not only can we offer the best high quality, advanced technical solution, at a very attractive price, but in most cases we can also deliver in less than 6 weeks.
Grundfos offers a wide range of highly reliable and
efficient pumps for use in the food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical industry or other specialised application areas, where high-grade sanitary pumps are required.
State-of-the-art technology The Grundfos range of
sanitary pumps comprises a number 
of different pump types – each one is state-of -the-art within its specific application area. The pumps can be fitted with a variety
of features to adapt to specific pumping tasks. 
In addition, it is possible to customise the pumps for optimum function or performance in relation to the job at hand.
Combined, these features make the Grundfos sanitary range the perfect choice for a number of applications,
such as:
• Beverage industry
• Breweries
• Dairies
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Biotechnology
• Food processing
• Bio-fuel
Stainless steel pumps for sanitary applications
• Water treatment systems
• Semi conductor manufacturing
• Cosmetics industry
• Textile industry

Torqueflow-Sydex Limited is a partner of Suncombe Limited. An organisation dedicated to the 
advancement of Clean in Place (CIP) and Hygienic processing technology.
We have always targeted leading-edge 
technologies. Our mission is to utilise forward
thinking expertise that anticipate and satisfy the needs
of cleaning and hygienic 
processing requirements of
the future 
The original Suncombe CIP+Plus™ 
systems were introduced in 1963. Since this time
they have been continuously 
developed to provide a technologically advanced and robust, reliable means of supplying repeatable, validateable, controllable CIP cleaning.
Every unit is specifically designed for its particular application and is developed by Suncombe CIP
engineers together with the client personnel to provide
he optimum cleaning system and a simple validation
trail. The range is based on standard modules with individual units custom designed and built in-house
for your 
specific application.
Typical Industries:
Food, Dairy, Brewery, Beverage, Agrochemical,
Flavourings, Healthcare, Personal Care, and many
other processing industries. 
Typical Applications 
Tanks, Vessels, Vats, Fermenters, Mixers, Processors, Road Tankers, Pipework, Valves, Mills, Coaters, Filters, Pumps, Dryers, Fillers and many others.