The cosmetic industry comprises thousands of products from nail polish to toothpaste, a variety of creams, lotions, perfume, make up, shaving foam and hair product. The process equipment must be able to handle a wide range of viscosity levels and media.

Components need to be mixed and pumped throughout the manufacturing process. Common ingredients include abrasive chemicals, salts, plant oils, thickening agents and alcohols. These ingredients must maintain their properties throughout production in order to maintain the quality of the finished product.

 Dosing Pumps

Torqueflows range of Dosing pumps have been used for many applications. The unique software program enables users to fill a very specific amount of liquid into a specified container. It has been used for filling syringes and  perfume testing pouches as shown in the pictures.


Our Nakakin pumps can assist in the movement of various liquids and have been used to create both beauty creams and body scrubs as they can distribute high-viscosity liquids in a stable manner.

H Range

Our H Range are sterile pumps which can be used with CIP systems, for highly viscous liquids and with a hopper or auger to convey material into the pump itself.