Cleaning and Hygienic Process Technology



Suncombe Limited was formed in 1961. The organisation is dedicated to the advancement of cleaning and hygienic processing technology for the food, beverage, biopharma and other critical hygiene industries. Torqueflow Sydex represent Suncombe throughout Northern England and Scotland.

Clean In Place Systems

We can offer a range of pre-configured CIP (Clean in Place) packages to cater for various demands and budget .There are many benefits of the CIP packages including:-

  • Reproducible, Repeatable, Validatable and Controllable Results
  • Reduction of Cleaning Time
  • Increased productivity through reduction of down time
  • Chemical Handling Reduction
  • Simple Operation
  • Cost and Utility Savings including chemicals, water and effluent, labour time etc.
  • Health and Safety
  • Batch Traceability and Records
  • Stronger Chemicals and higher temperatures can be used
  • Environmental Issues and Legislation

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Our pre-configured Washers cater for various equiptment, industries and budgets. These Washers have been developed over many years and incoroporate the experience of many successfully completed projects.

Washing technologies include:-

Immersion, immersion with agitation, immersion with turbulation,

spray cleaning, fogging, ultrasonic cleaning, air purging, drying and cooling.

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Tanks, Vessels and Mixers

Tanks, pressure vessels and mixers for storage, mixing, transfer and processing. Catering for numerous industries and applications.

Features include:-

  • Heating and Cooling Jackets
  • Magnetic Mixers and Top Mount Mixers
  • Powder Incorporation
  • Mixing, blending, conditioning and transfer
  • CIP, SIP and Neutrailsation
  • Media and Buffer Preparation
  • Simple Relay logic automation to PLC/HMI
  • and SCADA Control Systems with Batch
  • recording to 21CFR11 and networking
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BioWaste Systems

BioWaste Effluent Treatment Systems for the decontamination of liquid hazardous infectious waste streams for research, production, laboratory and bio-containment environments. Our systems deal with Biowaste level 1 to 4 and take into account two main areas of concern. Firstly the systems efficiently sterilise or inactivate any harmful pathogens in the waste stream and secondly total containment is assured at all times. Click here for more information.

Processing Skid Systems

Standalone Skid Mounted Systems allowing offsite Manufacture, testing and validation. embrane filter systems are primarily for concentrating, separating and filtering liquids using membrane technologies including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. They are available as direct flow system and cross flow systems.

Sectors include:-

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Water
  • Food
  • Coatings, Paints and Inks
  • Beverages
  • Wine
  • Brewery

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