AMXN Series

Product Information

Double-Layered Seal + Steam Barrier

The seal mechanism in the pump is double-layered with a steam barrier on the interior of the two steam pathways inside the pump. This prevents any contamination of the pump interior by airborne bacteria or the like.

CIP Mechanism

This allows self-cleaning without disassembly, creating a very efficient cleaning process.

Shaft Seal

Highly reliable aseptic double-layered seals, which are the result of many years of research and development, are used for the shaft seal.

Allows Distribution of Low- to High-Viscosity Liquids

This series allows distribution of a wide range of liquids from low-viscosity liquids (1 mPa.s) to high-viscosity liquids (100,000 mPa.s).

Excellent Constant Volume of Liquid

Increased or reduced revolutions per minute allow for easy flow adjustments. The capability to distribute constant volume of liquid is exceptionally high.

Can even be Used for Distribution of Solid-Mingled Liquids

This pump is also available in single-blade rotor specifications that allow for the pumping of solid-mingled (e.g., fruit, vegetables) liquids without pulverisation.